why the walls are white | July

Anytime you begin to put something new into the world, it typically comes with some resistance. When you try to do good, you may find yourself more a tune with how you view change or the effects of the good things you do. You become hyper sensitive, and in this, you notice the resistance. There’s always resistance to change, to that which is new and fresh. When we first opened we experienced this in a few different ways. There were a lot of people who had never stepped foot into our Space that were saying things like “its all white and fancy” “you have to be blonde to go there” “you must wear this brand to go”-- so much around what it felt like, what it looked like because it was so delicately created with intention of how it looked and smelled and felt like. Open, airy, simple, intentional.

Not because it had to be the best. Not because we were trying to measure up to anyone or anything. Simply because it was created with you in mind.

We learned early on that the walls of the Space would be much more than just a place people would come to sweat. But through the work there would be revelation, there would be clarity and redemption, release, and healing. In creating the Space, we dreamed it to be a place where you, our Community, could show up, and feel really taken care of. Where you didn’t have to feel scarcity, you didn’t have to wonder if it was clean, or if it had the things you needed to process. But a sacred place that is always ready for you, to simply arrive, as you, for you. 

A safe place to feel and explore what you brought in with you. 
This work has nothing to do with what you’re wearing, what type of mat you have, what color your hair is or any other external thing. It’s always been about how well you can show up as yourself. 
That's all.

So bring it. We are ready for you. We hold space for you. We want you as you, just as you are, everything you have always been.

As we approach our two year anniversary, we want to give you this reminder-- we hold space for you. Whether you've been with us since day one, or you haven't come yet, we're ready for you.
We are excited and eager to do this work with you.
What are you waiting for?
join us

You release SO much emotionally on your mat, but what about what comes off the physical body? Toxins pouring out through your release. When was the last time you cleaned your mat? Cleaning your mat is made easy in the summer! Depending on if your mat has special instructions or not, we’ve made a list of our favorite ways to cleanse the very thing that holds all we pour out in class (literally!). 

1. Sweet Sweet Sun
Did you know that the sun’s ultraviolet rays kill bacteria? If you're not wanting to wait for your mat to dry using water, using the good ol' sunshine is a perfect way to detox your mat. 

2. Hose It 
Take it outside on a nice day, use your garden hose and hose it down! Use a mild soap and sponge to scrub. Rinse thoroughly and hang it up to dry out. 

3. DIY Cleaning Spray
Make your own spray to use at home or at the studio.
4 oz purified water
10-15 drops of Thieves oil
Splash of alcohol 
Spray mat and wipe with wet towel. 

Non-heated Class Options
As many of our clients have expressed an interest in having a few of your favorite classes being offered without the heat and we want to explore this with you! 
We have put together a little survey that we would love if you could spend just a few moments giving us feedback on what this might look like for Summer months. (We are currently offering the Wednesday 6a Fusion as a non-heated option, just saying). 
Click here to let us know what you think. 
something to think about:
Phones in the Room.
We just wanted to gently check in about phones and even Apple watches being brought into the yoga room. We understand sometimes you need to stay connected or you're tracking your workout, but as its helping you, it may be distracting someone else. We never want to hold a strict policy on this, so we come to you today and ask that you be considerate if you are wanting/needing to bring your device in. Can you go just one hour without? How are you changing your own experience? How are you changing someone else's experience?
at home movement just for you :
get into the body

Heres a flow for you to flush out your day with.

Just one song. Go slow, go fast, you choose.

Sequence : Buddha squat, dragon fly, 1/2 camel, 1/2 moon, skandasana, warrior 2, reverse warrior, side angle, curtsy twist, buddha squat. Begin again on the opposite side.  

Listen : Feel Your Weight - Poolside Remix by Rhye, Poolside

Mantra : I stay grounded, in me. Not in what the world tells me to be. I do what feels right in my head and heart. Not what the world tells me to do. I am enough. I have enough. I know the answers. I arrive into my body.


"You are worthy of the journey it takes to find peace for what you have been through."

-Morgan Harper Nichols

You've got this.
We are here waiting for you.
Whether its your first time, or you've been here again and again. 
We have created a place that was designed for you. 
To come, to be taken care of, to feel and release. 
Believe it.

Questions? Ask, we have an answer.
We love you Tribe. 

the Team

The Space