That which must be felt. | AUG

(verb) past tense :
be aware of through touching or being touched

"If it lowers your vibration, it's not for you. That's how you'll know." - Lalah Delia
When you can feel something, it becomes real to you. And once you feel you cannot unfeel. Every person is experiencing something so wildly different in this life, and your level of perception is different than the next person. We are here to create, to experience, and to feel. To feel is a choice, it must be conscious. It must be real to you if you're going to choose to open yourself to it. What ever it is, it's yours. To know. To feel. 

We live in a culture that thrives through numbing, and the difference comes when you arrive into the moment through what you feel. While we prepare to shift into a new season in the next month, how will you choose to feel whats around you. How will you come to know that which you will have felt? Whether it be emotional, or physical. The felt sense through a hug, the feeling of gratitude for what you have been given in life, the felt sense of being known by you or someone you love. It comes in many different ways. 

We can experience the feeling in the movement too. It's one of the greatest things about us here at the Space. It's all about what is real to you through the process of the work. The feeling.

Remember, it's a choice.
And it's yours. 
Come dig deeper with us.

You'll know it when you feel it. 
And you'll know if it's meant for you. 
Keep vibing.
We love you so much. 


A very happy congrats to our Kelli McMullen for being nominated for 
by our friends at
Lululemon Twelve Oaks

We are so honored and so proud to be led by you. 


As we come into the thick of summer, why not stay hydrated in all the best ways?! Between hot yoga and that sweet summer sun (and let's be real, a few cold cocktails!), you are likely dehydrated in some capacity. Heres our top ways to stay hydrated this month :

1. Sole 

Check out this blog by Wellness Mama on Sole. Himalayan salt infused water that rebalances your body's hydration and minerals. Check it out here

2. Good ol' Watermelon
Watermelon is made up of 92% water which makes it the most ideal fruit to eat to help with hydration. It also has high levels of potassium which is essential for regulating water balance in the body. 

3. Jigsaw Electrolytes
Our favorite add-to-water electrolyte packets. Think very healthy gatorade. It taste delicious and contains vital trace minerals that are key for hydration. Find your's from our friends at Hands on Health Chiropractic located in Brighton! 

Don't let being dehydrated slow you down, be intentional to help your body run in the most optimal way. 


at home movement just for you :
get into the body

Something simple to create a feeling.
thats all

Song : Hot Tears by Leif Vollebekk

Movement : leg lift 
Hands and knees, extend the right leg long, point and flex the foot, when ready catch the beat, take it up and down, nice static movement. Let sensation build. Complete whole song on one side and repeat on other side, or switch sides halfway through. 
Trace the breath. Stay steady.


Coming up so soon :
We are heading to northern Michigan September 8 - 11 for our second ever retreat! We are currently SOLD OUT and couldn't be more excited! If you are signed up, the remainder of your payment is due no later than September 1st. If you are curious about getting on a waitlist incase any thing opens up last minute, please reach out to Heather at 


You'll know.
All that you need to. 
By that which you allow yourself to feel.
Feel and be felt. 
Your choice. 

we love you

Questions for us? Always ask. 
the Team

The Space