Welcome back.
How are you?
Are you ready for this season?
Sweet summer time has finally arrived. 
Theres a hustle. Theres a stillness. Theres a choice. 
What happens in the coming months?
What do you give yourself to? 
What do you release yourself from?


The heat that fills the Room holds such valuable purpose, we wanted to remind you of why, even in the heat of summer, we still need the element of heat in our practice.
At the Space we incorporate 2 types of heat into most of our classes, forced heat and Infrared.
The forced HVAC system is just your standard furnace operating system, it heats the air around you. The Infrared panels heat your body from the inside out. This gives your body increased blood flow, allowing the body to release heavy metals and toxins. Practicing in the heat provides countless physical benefits such as softening collagen around the joints, strengthening the heart and cardiovascular systems, speeding up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids, rejuvenating the skin, and assisting in the removal of inflammatory free-radicals from the body. Infrared generated heat stimulates vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels, allowing oxygen to joints and extremities, in turn speeding the healing of sprains and strains, relieving pain and reducing the time it takes the body to recover from an injury. Strengthening your immune system, speeding up muscular healing. Infrared heat is refining.

Alongside the physical heat, we want to revisit Tapas, one of the valuable parts of one of the Niyamas (one of the legs in the 8 limb path). We wrote about this topic in our June blog last year,
"As we meditate on the heat, a deeper rooted connection resurfaces. Within the 8 limb path (yogic belief system), one of the limbs is called the Niyamas. The Niyamas are moral codes or social contracts which guide us towards positive behavior, especially towards ourselves.
Tapas is one of the Niyamas.
Tapas translates to “discipline” but it is a word derived of the Sanskrit work ‘tap’ which means “to burn” and evokes a sense of passion or fiery discipline. 
Tapas means staying in the fire in order to cultivate greater discipline, courage, passion and essentially burn away impurities mentally, physically, and emotionally thus bringing you forth into who you were created to be. 

Tapas doesn't have to be serious and mundane, it should be fierce! What gets your heart pumping?! What heightens your desire to GROW? Think about you in the last 30 seconds of 6 minutes of jumping jacks, it’s that HELL YES I CAN pursuit that pours out of you. It’s the breath and the tightening when you have to hold crescent for 3 minutes on one side, you lean in and you stand strong! Through the discomfort, you change your story! This is Tapas. 

So, how can we manifest tapas within our lives? On AND off our mats?"

Does tapas only work in a physical and energetic sense? Not necessarily. What if it's the stillness that you needed to lean into? Learning how to quiet the mind and empty yourself of the mental weight that you have gathered along the way. Maybe it's trying a new pose that is out of your element (possibly that beloved headstand you've been scared to try). As we head into summer time and we are consumed with busy days and long nights, maybe leaning into the mental check ins is your Tapas. Tuning back in to your head, heart, and body. Drawing yourself back into the present.

The Heat.
The Pursuit.
It's what refines us. It's what creates the shift within us.
The heat is essential.


special collaboration
We can't tell you all the details, but we can tell you we are so excited and we know you're going to love it. Keep an eye on our retail.

Summer Kids Camp

Want your children to have a three day immersive experience? Learning about mindfulness, connection, vulnerability, movement, and balance. This is an opportunity to share the beautiful gift of awareness with your children and we would love to have them join us! 
All the details can be found here.

Space is limited, sign up via Mindbody. 

Opportunities to
slow down
during summer hustle

the Unwinding
Yin Workshop
June 21st 6-730p

Yoga Nidra
Traditional Nidra Practice
June 30th 6-8p

Details and sign up on Mindbody.


child care
Additional Summer Offerings

June 16th we are expanding our child care offerings. Monday through Friday we will offer child care at the 8a class times. This time slot will be scheduled by us to our staff as an "on call" time, which means your child needs to be signed up no later than 2 hours prior in order for someone to show up to watch them! Please always book ahead!

the Selection
A curated selection of wellness plugs from our Staff to you.

TO LISTEN : "Armchair Expert. I am enjoying learning about other people and the vulnerability that comes with sharing their stories. Brene Brown has a great episode and I've also enjoyed Norah Jones, Bill Nye, and Samin Nosrat."
Amelia Ritter

TO READ : "I Am Her Tribe by Danielle Doby. I can't get enough of this book, no matter what I am processing in my head and heart, I can open the pages of this book and read something that gives me language for what I feel. I feel like its my own personal journal. Danielle has a way of making it feel like your own."
Liv Monte

TO TAKE CARE : "Coming back to my breath. Closing my eyes. Both hands on my heart. Feeling my heart beat. Connecting with my body. Reminding myself I am safe in this present moment in my body-my home."
Myra Chopp


Movement for you at home.

Heres a flow for you to flush out your day with.
Just one song. Go slow, go fast, you choose.

Sequence :
 Down dog, wild thing, revolve 1/2 moon, dancing shiva, prayer twist, dancing shiva, warrior 3, side angle (to the back of mat), vinyasa. Repeat on opposite side. 

Listen : Eyes by Nude ft Pierre Danae

Intention :
I arrive into my body. I connect to my breath. I soften in, taking my own pace. I surrender to the flow. I release anything taking up valuable space in my head and heart that no longer belongs. 



Before you go,
what does staying in the heat look like for you? Maybe it begins with the physical sense of showing up. Then maybe its the check in. The pursuit of staying in the uncomfortable because you know... if you continue, you will change. You will become different. You grow. 

You've got this. Keep showing up.
Keep putting intention behind where you show up. 

We love you.

With so much love,
the Space Team

The Space