Photo by Nick Stumphauzer

M A Y D A Y ! 
How you feeling?
What are you processing?
Has your soul come alive as the trees have grown buds?
Are you walking in the present moment?
Are you choosing to stay awake in your life?
Have you chosen yourself lately?
Are you walking in alignment with your life's purpose?
Are you staying the course?
How can you continue to show up? 
To feel? To be known? 
When you choose the aliveness within, you choose presence. 
You choose what is good and right and ready for you now. 
It's a choice.
The choice is yours. 
Step in, today.
You're ready. 
You're enough.
You're worthy. 
You're you

Space Community Spotlight

wellness summit

A HUGE thank you to all our amazing practitioners + vendors who made our May 4th Wellness Summit a big success! We had a great time connecting with all of you and we were honored to have you. Thank you to our clients, new and old, who came out and supported the cause. We love pulling people together for the greater good! To take good care of ourselves, and our fellow Community. 

Revival RN sponsored a special raffle for the Mahaffy Family who recently lost their Mama to breast cancer.  Alongside local businesses donations and the "donation based" botox-- "I injected more Botox in 2 hours than I ever thought was possible. Thanks to the generosity of every one of you that donated either in person or online we raised OVER $7500 for The Mahaffy Family" said Erin of Revival. Thank you all who were a vital part of blessing this family!

Erin + her team of volunteers at the event.

the union | mothers day class

We hosted a Union Class on Mothers day that was in honor of the Persyn family. A family from our Tribe who's daughter has lived a life fighting Cystic Fibrosis. Our Union classes serve to pull our community together to bring awareness and support a cause and we did just that! Our Space family raised $600 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that morning! 
You are INCREDIBLE Tribe!

Kelli McMullen with the Persyn Family.

We are making a huge impact in all sorts of ways in this Community and we could not do it without you. Thank you for always showing up and helping us take care of those in need. We love you so much.


memorial day class
Join Liv Monte for a donation based class on Monday May 27th at 8:30a.
First come first serve! Sign up on Mindbody to hold your spot. 

summer kids camp
We are working out all the details of a week long Summer kids camp for your littles! 

8a child care offerings
Get in and get it done! we are adding Mon-Fri 8a Child Care to our schedule starting the week of June 16th. This time slot is an on call time, in which you MUST sign up your children no later than 2 hours prior!

schedule shifts
We are always ebbing + flowing with our schedule, trying to fine tune along the way. We have changed quite a few of our time slots + instructors in the last few weeks, so check it out!
Try something new. 


the Selection
A curated selection of wellness plugs from our Staff to you.

TO LISTEN : "Kelli + Katies classes! Both ladies are very no nonsense life coaches. They both inspire you to not let anything get in the way of living your best life and that we are all capable of living that best life. They’re very straightforward in regards to making a plan And how a little step every day can help you accomplish that plan."
- Jenn Murray

TO READ : The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
It literally was speaking to my body issues and shame that I’m dealing with right now. Talking about it and sharing my story rather than isolating and silencing my shame has been healing."
-Margherita Vicari

TO TAKE CARE : "Definitely my home practice. In the mornings when everyone’s gone. Lighting a Palo stick and cranking the music with just me and my mat."
- Kelly Lopez


Movement for you at home.
Song : Energia - Parte 2
by Sofi Tukker, Pabllo Vittar

How To : Begin with the eyes closed, when you're ready, begin tapping the heels, shaking the tension out of the arms, as beat builds, begin to increase the tapping, allowing the body to grow and take up space. When the beat drops, begin to move the body, letting the music drive the movement, let yourself freely jump, shake, smile. 
Beat will rise and fall, use the low times to check in with your breath. Notice the lightness of the body, the freedom you feel, shake your arms, let your hair down, give yourself permission to have fun, to release what cannot stay. 

All you need is your body, and your willingness to come alive within.



What'll it be? 
How will you choose aliveness? 
Whats holding you back?
How much further can you lean in, 
to the spaces in you that are ready to come alive.

You're ready.

Love warmly, 
the Space Team

The Space