s t r i p p e d (verb) : remove all coverings from.

Peeling back, Ready for rebirth. It's almost Spring. 

March means we are preparing to step out of the heaviness we have endured through winter. The sun starts to come out more often, birds sing in the morning, we have an opportunity to observe, reflect, release and embark on the next season. We start to peel back what we have accumulated the past few months, holding space to "spring clean". Start now friends. Don't wait. Now is the time, to step in, get really clear on what you want to create within your life with your time and energy as you progress forward. 
Its a choice. It always has been. And you are entirely and completely up to you. Strip down, write it out, hold the intention, take courage, release and begin again. It's time. Bare it all.
Because you can. and more importantly, you should.  

We will help you through the breath, through the movement, and through some incredible things to look forward to in the coming months. Read all about it below. 

We love you so much. 

"When you stop trying to fit into a world that you don't belong to anymore, you fucking grow... and you automatically start a new one, but with relaxed shoulders, more laughter & way more magic."
-Tanya Markul 


the Training Express
YTT SUMMER INTENSIVE | ryt-200 certification
JUNE 9 - JULY 21
Our in-depth, Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Program (200 Hours) is a journey. It will uncover your patterns, internal dialogue and all that stands between you and your higher self by learning the art of observation. Together, we will study the ancient healing practice of yoga. We will dive into the history and origins of this and explore the art of teaching it. Our training will take you back to the roots of Ashtanga and deeply study this eight limb path. You will learn sequencing, musicality, cueing and how to hold space for transformation and healing. All in just 6 WEEKS!

At this time we are putting this out to our community to see the demand for this type of training experience. If you are interested, you will be added to a waitlist that requires a minimum amount of people in order for this training to take place. 

Regular scheduled meeting times are :

Sundays 9a-4p
Tuesdays 5p-9p

Thursdays 5p-9p

Fridays 5p-8p

With additional sporadic times given closer to start date. 

the Pricing : 

EARLY BIRD : Sign up by May 10th


May 11th-June 9th :

If you are added to the waitlist, there is no payment necessary until May 10th,
in which you will be given Early Bird Pricing.

If you've been considering becoming a yoga teacher or just furthering your practice and better understanding the work we do at The Space, this is the opportunity for you! If you are interested, please email Liv Monte to be added to the waitlist.

NOW is the time Tribe! 

Discover more of who you are.


MAY 4th | 3-5p 
An open house for our community. This spring we are peeling back the layers and stepping into the lightness of new seasons. This open house will serve as a platform for wellness practitioners from all over Livingston County to come offer their services and help you help YOU! Special promotions on services, raffles, and more! You won’t want to miss this! 

You w
on’t want to miss this free event. 

 we’d love to know more about your service and potentially have you join us! Please email Liv at to chat details. Space is limited, please reach out asap. 


RELEASE +restore
APRIL 13 | 5-7p
Kelli McMullen + Liv Monte
Join us for 90 minutes of release and restore. Inspired by the traditional Osho meditation, the first hour will focus on an in depth exploration of movement, voice release and stillness. Followed by a 30 minute restorative traditional Yin Yoga experience. Digging deep into the things we hold in our bodies, pulling them to the surface and holding space to let them go. The Osho practice is very similar to the work we do in our Release style classes. This workshop will give you a more thorough experience of this work. Limited space available. Sign up on Mindbody. 

the Youth
March 9, 16, 23

Join Margherita Vicari and Emily Brogan for weekend movement for your kiddos this winter!
A one hour class to get the kids out of the house, off screens and on to a mat! Once signed up, you will be added to a private FB group to stay in touch with what each week will hold! Building a community through connection!
The goal of these workshops is to give your children an opportunity to explore the mat through the movement of yoga, while teaching themselves more about who they are and how to be proud in that space.
Please sign yourself up on Mindbody, and sign the waiver for your children at drop off. Ages 6-12. Please drop child off 15 minutes prior and pick up promptly 1:30!
Drop in rate per class : $10/class
Sign up on mindbody.
 ________________________________ More info soon on : the Renewal

Opportunities to step out, release and rejuvenate.
SUMMER : we are in the works of planning a retreat local enough to drive there! We are projecting mid-August. More details to come, keep an eye out.

WINTER : We are heading back to warm + sunny Tulum in January 2020. More details and info on sign up coming in the next few months.

More details on both of these coming SOON. We cant wait to retreat with you. 

the Selection A curated selection of wellness plugs from our Staff to you.

TO READ :  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho . "Love it because it tells a story about finding your path in life and realizing the stepping stones that help you along the way find your way."
-Margherita Vicari

TO LISTEN : Art of Choosing Love by Adam Roa. "Really honest real look at life in all it’s complexities and the power to choose to see it in productive light! The most inspiring real life “talk” that helps me feel like I am not alone. It gives me hope at choosing perspective verses being caught up in the drama!"

-Kelli McMullen

TO TAKE CARE : Eminence Neroli Hydrating Mist. "I love this! I’m spritzing all day! Not only does it hydrate my reminds me to take a breath. A little reminder to take care...also it smells real yummy."
-Katie Mann
Final reflection :

You choose. What stays and what goes.
Release and be free.

Because you can.

We love you so much.

Questions? Ask anytime. Warmly,
the Team

The Space