april showers bring soul shifting

let's begin.

Shifting : Adj
changing, especially unpredictably. 

Welcome to the new season, 
did you prepare?
Did you release?
Did you set yourself free from the heaviness?
Did you step into the light?
Maybe the best preparation is simply arriving. 
The best plan is the plan to be surprised. 
The greatest release comes from the greatest surrender. 

If we SHIFT in and out of seasons, may be always know that we have to eb + flow. We have to uproot, but remember. Who you are, where you came from. Palms open to what's to come. But a solid foundation of all that you have weathered.

In the Spring, you prune what is already in existence, and then you plant new seeds. They say April showers bring May flowers. What if the outpour in April brought you a greater connection to You. The You that is already here.
A shift into new light. Same you, new perspective.

INFO +new offerings : Child Care : the Playroom

We are excited to share with you that we are adding child care at the 11a + 4p classes effective this week! To take advantage of these time slots, you MUST sign up your child no less than 2 HOURS PRIOR to the class time. This helps the flow in our staff. These time slots are scheduled with our staff as "on call" shifts. If no one is signed up 2 hours prior, the staff is not required to show up and no one will be available to watch your children during the class time. 
In the summer, we are considering adding the 8a time slot as we did last year as well. Please always be mindful to sign up in advance to help our system stay fluid so we can offer more on our schedule!

Infant Room vs Play Room
It's important that you sign up for the proper room in scheduling your children as we have a limited amount of space per age group. 

INFANT ROOM : newborn - 6 months
As our 930a times slot is our busiest, we must limit the number of babies due to what our Room can hold comfortably. If your child is newborn - 6 months, please sign them up in under the Infant Room. 

PLAY ROOM : 7 months - 12 years

Please book yourself for as many children as you plan to bring to a session. Thank you.

We would love to spruce up our Playroom but we love the idea of recycling! Do you have lightly used/good condition toys and things that could serve a good purpose in our playroom? We'd love to take them off your hands! Please reach out to our help desk to arrange a drop off time if you are interested!


One of the most valuable things to us is what our clients have to say about us! If you have enjoyed your experience with us, we would love for you to spend a moment telling Google about it. Google is a fantastic tool that several people use to find new local places to try, so your words go far! 

Click here to find us on Google and review.
Thank you! 
the Selection

A curated selection of wellness plugs from our Staff to you.

TO LISTEN : The podcast RISE by Rachel Hollis 
"She’s bold and driven and super motivational for personal growth and for reaching goals!"
-Lauren Camilleri

TO READ : When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
"Its difficult for me to find a book that holds my attention if its not a self help book, and I could not put this one down! Theres something about a memoir that pulls me in and keeps me wanting to know more. Pauls story will blow your mind. His book was published two months after he passed away and it documents his journey to that space. It is powerful! It's a story of true courage that I will never forget."
-Liv Monte

TO TAKE CARE : "I (almost always) start my morning with 32 ounces of lemon water! It aids in digestion and hydrates me!"
-Emily Brogan


the Training Express
YTT SUMMER INTENSIVE | ryt-200 certification
JUNE 9 - JULY 21
Our in-depth, Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Program (200 Hours) is a journey. It will uncover your patterns, internal dialogue and all that stands between you and your higher self by learning the art of observation. Together, we will study the ancient healing practice of yoga. We will dive into the history and origins of this and explore the art of teaching it. Our training will take you back to the roots of Ashtanga and deeply study this eight limb path. You will learn sequencing, musicality, cueing and how to hold space for transformation and healing. All in just 6 WEEKS!

At this time we are putting this out to our community to see the demand for this type of training experience. If you are interested, you will be added to a waitlist that requires a minimum amount of people in order for this training to take place. 

Regular scheduled meeting times are :

Sundays 9a-4p
Tuesdays 5p-9p
Thursdays 5p-9p
Fridays 5p-8p

With additional sporadic times given closer to start date. 

the Pricing : 

EARLY BIRD : Sign up by May 10th

May 11th-June 9th :

If you are added to the waitlist, there is no payment necessary until May 10th,
in which you will be given Early Bird Pricing.

If you've been considering becoming a yoga teacher or just furthering your practice and better understanding the work we do at The Space, this is the opportunity for you! If you are interested, please email Liv Monte to be added to the waitlist.
Email LivMonte@discoverthespace.com. 

NOW is the time Tribe! 
Discover more of who you are.


more details and sign up on our Mindbody

Release + Restore
Dynamic Meditation and Yin
April 13th with Kelli McMullen + Liv Monte

the Youth
Kids Yoga, the first three Saturdays of April, May, and June.
With Margherita Vicari

Cacao +Flow
Cacao with fluid Vinyasa flowing
April 27th with Guests Randie Bowler + Darcel Hawkins

the Wellness Summit
a wellness expo with local practitioners and service providers
open house style
(want to be a vendor at this event? we still have space! email LivMonte@discoverthespace.com)
May 4th 3-5p

the Space for Dance
Fusion style dance lesson + Movement
May 11th with Nick Stumphauzer + Kelsey Taylor
more details to come


In Closing : 

Let it rain.
the healing kind,
the rejuvenating rain. the rain that brings rebirth
the outpour that brings you back home, to you. 

reminding you that just as you are, is good enough.
worthy enough. 
brave enough,
wise enough,
you are already all that you need. 
release to hold space to GROW.
to uproot, become, enrich,
this is the Shift.
it's already in you.


We love you so much.

Questions? Ask anytime.

the Team

The Space