february flux

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Flux / V : to flow with


Welcome, you made it through chapter 1 of 12. 
How are ya feeling?
How does your heart feel?

Are you feeling the heaviness of winter setting in or are you staying above board? Are you checking in with yourself? Or are you sinking into the hibernation, the hiding, the disconnect?

Are you spending time with you? are you pouring in? are you showing up? do you feel damn good or are you holding out for warmer seasons?
Do you let yourself sink here because it happens and you know things will turn around soon? 

Sometimes, we get lost in the cloud. We let ourselves go low because we know it'll only be for a little while. But, what if you chose to stay connected to self? What if when you felt that pull, that plunge, the heaviness, what if you simply called it by name, and told it that it had no place here?

Standing in your power of choice. To embrace whats to come, but stay grounded in who you are. What you're doing. What your intention is for this year, this life, these moments.
The power of choice resides in you. It's up to you.

When we all feel it, who's asking you the hard questions? Do it for you, and then check in with your loved ones. 

Maybe start with looking in. Just a few minutes in the morning. A pause before anything happens. Hand on heart, trace the breath, close your eyes. And then maybe some gratitude, write something down you're really grateful for. Commit to at least 20 minutes of intentionally moving your body at some point each day. A walk, jumping jacks, a class with us. And then see who you can connect with. Find someone to process with, someone to get out of your house with, time of interaction. 

Small steps, changing the game.
Tuning in. Staying present. Staying steady.
Flowing with the process. 
Because you can. 

We love you so much.
We're here for you. 


products and rituals for bringing your practice home.

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the Selection A curated selection of wellness plugs from our Staff to you.

TO READ :  Heart Talk by Cleo Wade
"It's a simple read, perfect for my busy days. I can pick it up and turn to any page for my daily dose of inspiration!"
-Emily Brogan

TO LISTEN : the Goop Podcast. "I listen to this podcast religiously. What I love is the diversity in the talks. They have so many different people from all walks of life, people who are changing culture, who are discovering new health shifts, and so much more. I am never bored by it!"
-Liv Monte

TO TAKE CARE : "Grapefruit, Sea salt + olive oil scrub and a brush. It helps with eczema and dry skin in these winter months. In a hot shower it feels so good to brush the body and scrub down. The scent is energizing + happy too! I follow it with Dr Teals eucalyptus lotion."
-Hayley Warda-Pierzynski

the A S A N A make moves with us from just about anywhere
POSE : Mini Flow Created by Hayley Warda-Pierzynski

SEQUENCE : Begin in Down Dog, right knee squeeze to nose, wild thing, right foot steps up, pyramid, seated twist (slide left knee in behind right knee), wide forward fold to center of mat, allow body to sway side to side, DD to back, begin again (left foot) SONG : Baby by Bakermat

Connect to the breath, repeat as many times as needed. 
Moving Forward :
Stay with You. Create the Space. Give yourself the time. Slow, stay steady, stay present.

Questions? Never hesitate to ask. We love you. the Team

The Space