Rooting for YOU.

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 (n): A settling into ones body, through breath, intention;
 a rooting back to core values and belief. An act of 
returning home.

"give yourself permission to be where you are 
and still be loved for it"
 - Danielle Doby

We approach the next few weeks with an eagerness to celebrate and commune with those we love, but along side that we might also approach with a heaviness that stems out of connecting with old parts of ourselves. With people who have accumulated over the years in our lives. Theres places to be, food to cook, presents to buy, all the things. It might draw forth unpleasant feelings.
Its adds up and can be a thief of joy in this beautiful season. 
We come to a crossroads, and we come to a choice.

We must choose to allow whats working against us to let us sink, or we choose to reroot ourselves back to a place that we know and we trust. We come back to the pieces of ourselves that we can stand boldly and confidently in, and we show up in the greatest capacity. 
An authentic place. A real place. A place that is yours. 

How will you ground down? What will you come back to? What will you release from yourself to create more space to have more genuine connections with the people in your life?

No matter what you walk into these next few weeks with, may you return to who you are, what you offer, and most importantly-- Kindness. For you and for them. 

It has to start somewhere. 
Challenge you. 

We love you so much. 
Take care.


Tribe, one of the issues that we are currently experiencing in regards to scheduling is that for some of the
busier class times through the week (i.e. Sunday 930a, Wednesday 930a) we are having a surplus of people sign up. While this is great, what happens is we end up with a hefty waitlist for these classes. Then when the scheduled class arrives, we have a good handful of people who are late cancel(cancel within two hours of the class time)/no shows,  and the people on the waitlist never get a chance to be added due to the lack of time beforehand.

We want to gently remind you to yes, sign up for class in advance if you know you are coming!
But please do not hold space if you are unsure, or kindly cancel at least 12 hours in advance so waitlist people can be added and notified.

We want to have a good courtesy system for this, for if we don't we may need to implement a policy in which late cancel/no show visits will be charged a regular drop in.

Please help us and be courteous to your fellow tribe members!

Thank you.
the Team

Get a gift card for a loved one this holiday season! Give them the gift of self-care. 

-We have two very special packages for High School/College students. 
Must be purchased in house with a valid school ID. 

5 Class Pack : $40 (just $8/ class!) 2 mo. expiration from date of purchase. 

3 Weeks Unlimited : $65! Starts the day you first use it! No suspensions. 
Available through the month of December.

-Keep an eye out for New Year Specials! They will be announced on our social feeds
as a flash sale. 


the Selection A curated selection of wellness plugs from our Staff to you.

TO READ : The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. "Because I'm learning that I can't give away all of myself." -Stephanie Haase

TO LISTEN : Wildflower, a memoir written and read by Drew Barrymore. "You can hear her smiling
as she reads her words and her happiness is contagious.
I found the book to be incredibly insightful. I walked away not only with a theme for class, but with wisdom
I continued to ponder for days after listening to the book.
I particularly liked, "when I lay my head on the pillow at night
I can say I was a decent person today. Thats when I feel beautiful.""
-Amelia Ritter
The book is available for purchase to listen on Audible.

TO TAKE CARE : Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial. "I absolutely love this product! I feel like it instantly brightens my
skin tone and helps my skin stay supple in the cold winter air. I use it 1-2 times a week.
To me its as good as a facial at a spa. Hefty price tag, but! A little goes A LONG way and the way I think about it is
I would spend $100 on a one time facial, why not spend it on several experiences like this mask! Worth it." - Liv Monte You can read more and purchase here.


the Gifting Tree Our annual tree to give back to a local family in need.

Take a tag, have the gift back with tag attached by Sunday December 16th.
Let's bless the heck out of this community who needs us.


As a business we are in constant state of refining. If you're not shifting, you're not growing. Feedback in important to this way of processing. We have recently began to offer feedback cards, available at our front desk, to make this easy for you! The voice of our community is important to us.

make moves with us from just about anywhere
POSE : Eka Pada Rajakapotasana : King Pigeon

King Pigeon offers the body a deep opening in the chest and shoulders as well as a deep stretch in the thighs,  groin, and psoas. It also stimulates the abdominal muscles. This is a complex posture that requires a steady breath and concentration. 

HOW TO : Begin in down dog. Inhale lift the right leg, on your exhale, let the right knee connect to the right wrist on the floor. Allow the right leg to bend and be as parallel to the front of the mat as you can. Create more space between the hips by shimmying the left foot back. Without dumping the weight into the right hip, keep your self propped up and engaged. Slowly, begin to reach back with the left hand towards the left foot/ankle. Make the connection, and slowly start to pull the leg in, do not force anything as this creates an intense stretch in the quad and knee. Wrap the left arm around the top of the left foot, and slowly draw the left hand behind the head. Use the breath to steady the body and the core to stabilize! 

If you can balance, and connect the right hand behind the head to meet the left, you've arrived! Every body is different and this is a challenging pose. 
Please warm up properly beforehand and move with ease.
Challenge but don't over do it! 


We love you Tribe.
Wishing you and your family and safe, healthy and joyous holiday season.

Questions? Ask any time.

the Team

The Space