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Connection / (noun) :
causal or logical relation or sequence between individuals

with you, with them.
to gather, to give, to receive. 
a process.

There's something magical and electric when we can truly connect with those around us.

This month is all about connection for us. We want to get to know you and we want you to feel challenged to go outside of what YOU know about those around you. Making new connections with gratitude in your heart. Taking time to step outside of yourself and get to know someone new.

Connection is one of the biggest parts of the work we do at The Space. We believe that it is vital in the transformation of your body, heart and soul. Connection says "I feel you, I see you". Connection is uncharted ground of restoration. It takes intention and vulnerability.

In this season of harvest and Thanksgiving, lets step outside of what we know and into the abyss of what we have not learned. How will you begin to allow those around you to feel known? How will you connect on a deeper level? Going below the surface of the "How are you, I'm good" ritual. Beginning to ask questions. Beginning to establish more rooted relationships.

Its all up to us. (To you). To go the extra mile. Selflessly, showing up, palms open, ready to receive. Our challenge to you is that you put this is practice this month. Starting to show up in a different way for people you know and those you have not met yet. Start to see how it shifts your perspective, livens your soul, and curates a deeper sense of well being.

Because you can.

We love you so much and we are so grateful for you.


Its time for our next :

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1. Each post is one point. 
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1: Heart opener - What is your heart thankful for today? 
2: Grounding - How do you stay grounded in this season?
3: Balancing - How do you show gratitude for balance in your life? 
4: Twist - What twist in your life are you grateful happened to you?
5: Inversion - Gratitude toward change of perspective, how do you shift your perspective?
6: Strength - What pose makes you grateful for your strong body + mind?
7: Yogis choice - What pose makes you grateful for this life / makes you feel alive?

1 : 1 Month Unlimited Yoga 
2 : 10 Class Pack
3 : 3 Sauna Sessions
Join us! Lets practice gratitude together! 


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best methods of creating the space within your life.

photo : Liv Monte
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Our teachers in training have been working SO hard the past couple months, time is flying by! In the months of December and January, there are several Offerings hosted by this group. These Offerings are their final classes to graduate TT. Offerings are free and range in class style. 
Here is a list of the Offerings you can sign up for on our Mindbody:

 Friday, December 28th - 5:30 Kelly Lopez

Saturday, December 29th -11:30 Laurel Hogge
                                         1:00 Olivia McMullen

Sunday, December 30th - 11:30 Rachel Mincy
                                         1:00 Emily Brogan

Saturday, January 5th - Noon Myra Chopp
                                    1:30 Nick Vanderhovel

Sunday, January 6th -11:30 Alyssa Okar
                      1:00 Julia Hulbert

Saturday, January 19th - Noon Aleea Carson
                               1:30 Missy Ayers
                             3:00 Jessica Glass

Sunday, January 20 - 11:30 Andrea Freiburger
                                  1:00 Brittney Lambert
                            2:30 Lauren Camilleri

Sign up on Mindbody and join us for these free Offerings supporting
our incredible Teachers in Training. 


As a business we are in constant state of refining. If you're not shifting, you're not growing. Feedback in important to this way of processing. We have recently began to offer feedback cards, available at our front desk, to make this easy for you! The voice of our community is important to us.

Keep an eye on our Social Feeds to get to know your fellow Tribe members.
KNOWvember is a series we have started on our Social Feeds. An exploration of your fellow tribe members. Getting to know the people that are showing up and doing the work along side you.

Make the connection.

Get to know someone. 


make moves with us from just about anywhere
POSE : Wild Thing : Camatkarasana

photo : Liv Monte

Camatkarasana means "the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart". This pose offers a heart opening, full body expression that is sure to rejuvenate the brain and the body. It opens the chest, lungs, shoulders, as well as the quadriceps and the hip-flexors. All the while, building strength in the shoulders and upper back.

HOW TO : Start in downdog. Find the breath. Three inhales and exhales. Inhale lift the right leg, bend, twist and open, bringing the right heel to the bum, beginning to tip backward, lifting the right hand off the ground. Allow the booty to land on the floor. Spring up and open, lifting the chest up towards the sky, left hand is planted, right arm reaches back and open. Allow the head to be heavy, reaching back, gaze follows. On inhalations, continue to lift the hips higher, keeping the left foot grounded. 

 Step out, move, reset. Begin again. 
Take care. 


Thank you.
This November we cant help but reflect on our own personal gratitude's. We are eternally thankful for all of you that show up, put the work in, again and again and again. Thank you for braving your own story, for being willing to step into the fire. To feel, release and heal. 

We love you so much. 

XO, the Team

The Space