Fruits of Labor.


photo by Evelyn James Photography
HARVEST / (noun) : "the seasons yield or crop. The product or result of an action."

Seasons changing, we hold space to SHIFT. 

September was a month of celebration, reflection, new goals, setting our sights higher than ever. Holding hands with our community and stepping into year 2. We moved a lot, we braved a lot, and we felt so much. We are ready to step into year 2 with refined vision, anticipation for the future, but a grounded presence of taking it all in, day at a time. 

And now, we arrive. To the season of Harvest. A season geared towards only that which is plentiful, only that which is greater than what is. We are eager to move forward with new wisdom, new foundations. From what we have weathered, to what we still need to process, we will reap what we sow. So we step in a little closer, we release that which needs to be free, and we stand a little lighter, 

A little more grounded in who you are. 

It’s time friends, its TIME! 
What will you sow?
Based on where you’ve come from, and where you want to head, what will you pour in? Using the experiences you’ve had, using the conversations, the limitations, using them all to PROPEL in this this season of harvest. 

We dare you.
Be courageous to live in your life.
Don't settle.
We love you so much. 

The Spaces retail selections are exclusively picked for the best methods of creating the space within your life.

Indulging in the right ways. 

We have several new products on our shelves for this Fall season. 
Beautiful new jewelry from our friends at KEPT and MGDY, both amazing local artists. We also have incorporated some new body products to ensure you take the best care! We always want to emphasize recovery within the work that we do in the Room and we want to make sure we provide the best things for this. We have added a few products from E.i.R., a New York based company that offers amazing products to be implemented in anyone's routine. We have brought on their Cooling Butter, an Arnica infused balm that is amazing for muscle recovery, bruises, inflammation and so much more. 
We have also brought on their cuticle salve, Tough Love. Perfect for those cold weather hands to stay supple and soft. Also, their lip balm, which yes, is totally worth it. 
You'll also notice a few more clothing options arriving through out the next few weeks! 

Keep it fresh with us. Our retail is hand selected with YOU in mind. Take good care.
New Rings + Bracelets from KEPT


Our first ever retreat. Book today.

What are you doing January 11-15th? We want to cordially invite you to our very first ever Retreat in the heart of Tulum Mexico. Its going to be an amazing experience of release and restoration. This all inclusive trip is going to be so foundational for us and YOU. Join us for morning movement with Kelli McMullen, day excursions, a massage, a full body clay treatment, evening gentle yoga, and so much more. It's going to be a blast. We only have a handful of spots left! If you are interested in pricing please click here for more details. If you have any further questions or would like to book, please email


Keep an eye out for :

the Youth : begins October 6th.
6 weeks of yoga for kids. More details on our facebook.

Community Class : Taught by our Teachers in Training.
A free weekly offering coming soon, stay tuned.

Want to host an event or plan a workshop with us? Contact Heather at to connect with us.


the ASANA make moves with us from just about anywhere

Movement Sequence. Use this mini flow to get blood circulating, renewed energy, morning, mid-day, or evening. Take care. Just 4 minutes of your day.

SONG : FTPA By Gorgon City

Sequence : Mountain Pose, Standing forward fold, Crow pose, Vinyasa, Wild Thing, Warrior A, Warrior B, Vinyasa.

How To : Begin in Tadasana, Mountain pose, Inhale Reach your arms overhead, exhale, forward fold. Lengthen through the crown of your head, reaching the chest over the knees. Planting the hands into the mat, setting up for crow pose, slight bend in the elbows, stack the knees up in towards the armpits, looking forward, lifting one foot at a time, and beginning to tip forward, pressing up through the shoulders, shoot the feet back into Chaturanga, roll forward into Upward facing dog, tuck the toes, push hips high, down dog. Immediately lifting the right leg, bend, twist, open, set the foot down behind the back, inhale lift the heart space, WILD THING. Step the right foot to the top of the mat, pivot and plant your left foot. Reaching the arms above the head, pulling the left hip square with the front of your mat, pull your low belly up and in, connecting to the breath, Warrior A. Open the arms to a T, opening the body to the left side of the mat, left foot comes parallel to the back of the mat. Keep the lunge in the front right leg. Warrior B. Plant the hands at the top of the mat, step back, Vinyasa. Lift the left leg and begin from Wild Thing. After both sides, begin again at the top of the mat in tadasana. Inhaling as you expand and lengthen, exhaling as you close in and contract. Try to take it slow and controlled, meditating on the breath, the alignment, coming back to you.


Use anytime to ground yourself back home.
October Intentions:
I am not complete yet.

I will hold space for transformation,

I will hold space to feel and become.

There is more for me that I have not

discovered yet. I will hold steady.

Leaning into discomfort and remaining open.

I will be kind in the process, 

I will share love in the process.

I will keep shifting. I will sow into myself,

only that which will reap rich harvest. 

May this be a season of releasing and replenishing.

________________________________ Questions? Ask! We love you. Warmly,
the Team

The Space