the Training

September 23rd - December 16th

Our RYT-200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Training program is one of a kind. We have constructed it in a way that makes you dive deeper, not just into theory, but into feeling and tapping into the conversations within that create our stories. Discovering oneself within the present moment. One breath at a time. Join us, we'd love to have you. 

Words from our Pioneer group:

"YTT, by far, was one of the best experiences in my life. I was surrounded by amazing, like minded souls, yearning to learn more about yoga in order to share it with others in the most positive way. I looked forward to every class to learn, share and experience yoga on a whole different level.
Kelli assured that each and every one of us were able to step out of YTT and be able to teach a full class. She broke down each of the moving parts that comprise a class and had us work on it and present. At the end of training an entire class was constructed by each student which made transitioning to teaching our first Offering so much easier.
Kelli shared her knowledge of yoga , was transparent about being a teacher and provided insight to the ins and outs of an actual teacher. She  lead a group of 14 women on their own journey AND was there every step of the way for each of us. We, as a group were collaborative, supportive, and developed a special bond that was encouraged by Kelli through her teaching.
I would highly recommend taking YTT at the Space. This journey began with signing up and continues today with each class that is taught . Kelli taught us that the learning never ends and that students are our BEST teachers. The other huge take away I hold onto is that Kelli says that teaching yoga is speaking  from the heart, the poses are secondary and if you are authentic in your message your class will flow beautifully and we will be successful in our journey. I believe that each and every 14 students that participated in the Pioneer class does just that!”
-Debbie Lijewski

"I was very nervous walking into The Training. I felt that I was way in over my head, that everyone was cooler and better at yoga than me, that I would never be good enough to teach at such a beautiful studio, and that a group of 15 women who never be able to get along well together. I am so glad that I was wrong about everything. As soon as I walked into the door, into the loving embrace of teachers at The Space, my life changed. Twice a week I had the privilege of sitting down with the strongest, smartest, and most beautiful women I know to learn and to grow and to practice. I made more progress in getting to know and love myself in the months of teacher training than I ever thought possible. It was so much more than learning technical aspects of yoga. It was gaining skills mentally, physically, and emotionally. Teacher training at The Space was the full studio experience embodied. We grew in strength together, we experienced emotional release, we were a fusion of souls, we had contrasting ideas that we learned from, we surrendered to the process to become vulnerable and open, and we helped each other stay calm in the midst of stressful and difficult days. We learned to hold space for each other and for ourselves. We discovered that we were already teachers, we just needed to come back to ourselves. We laughed, cried, yelled, danced, and most importantly we sweat. We peeled back layers to become more authentic versions of ourselves, resulting in a group of confident, vulnerable, honest, and beautiful yoga instructors, friends, and sisters.”
-Amelia Ritter

"It’s difficult to put into words what I feel like I got out of teacher training. Its like faith, it’s like love, it’s like confidence. Its not something you can see and it’s not something that’s easily described  it’s just something that you feel. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years and I’ve been to dozens of different studios and toyed with the idea of doing teacher training dozens of times. It just never felt right until I met Kelli. When I was introduced to the group that she put together and saw how the light that she has in her brought all of us to where we were supposed to be at exactly this moment in time I knew that what I was going to learn would be so much more than yoga. And that the entire journey was going to be something that I would be blessed by for the rest of my life."
-Stephanie Haase

the Details:
Sundays 9a-3p
Wednesdays 6:30p- 9:30p

There will be other meeting times and events to be
 attended and will be given to you at the start date.

Early Bird through August 31st : $2700
September 1st- 16th : $3200
If you are interested please email us at


*Space requires a $500 deposit upon registration.
Training must be paid in full by start date. 
Initial deposit is non-refundable.  

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