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This month our focus shifts towards

 Independence vs. Interdependence.

Here's the difference of the two : 

Independence : (noun) - the state of being independent, free from.
Interdependence : (noun) - the dependence of two or more people on eachother

Community vs. Individuality.
July is the month that is built on honoring our freedom and our independence in our country. As we step in a level deeper, we examine our own independence. Our individuality, our uniqueness, we are our own. Interdependence draws upon community. A oneness with those around you, through give and take, a tribe. 

Our challenge to you this month is how will you lean into YOU as a precious vessel, physically and mentally. How will you take the best care in the midst of the busy hustle of the summer. Kids, outings, dinner parties, eating and drinking all the things, vacations, etc. How will you come back to the breath, how will you check back to into YOU and fuel your body, and process your mind? 

The second part of this, is how will you take care of yourself within your community? How can you lean on those around you to help you take care? How can you take care of others? How can you find the most authentic alchemy between both ends? Do you need a new community?! Is yours toxic? Are you leading or being led? There's so much that goes into this! Its never too late to check in and ask the hard questions. Scratch at the surface of whats next for you by getting to know you and leaning on those around you. Find your self, find your people, and dive deeper. 

We love you so much. Whether you've been with us since day one, you're new here, or you haven't even given us a chance yet. we love you. 
What better way to step into community than to join our Tribe. It's never too late.
We'll see ya soon (we hope). 


We want you here with us.
So, here's a never-before offered deal for you. 

In the month of July, 2 weeks absolutely unlimited for just $40. 

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Opportunity to connect
 with You +others. 

Our next Teacher Training is right around the corner. It's been such a cool process the last couple weeks watching the next Tribe begin to form. All the details you need to know can be found here


A few schedule shifts
as we iron out the kinks:

At the end of May we made some big shifts in our schedule as we listened to what you wanted, and added a big handful of new instructors to our team. After a month of rolling with the new schedule we are seeing what has worked and what hasn't and we are making some adjustments!

Here's what you can expect :

11a Saturday + Sunday off the schedule
8a Monday Release now taught by Ingrid
4p Monday now Fusion taught by Debbie
6a Wednesday Fusion now taught by Kenni
12p Wednesday now Express Fusion with Liv
7p Wednesday Calm now taught by Stephanie H. 
4p Thursday Release now taught by Ali
7p Thursday Fusion now taught by Kelsey
4p Friday Release now taught by Ingrid

We always want to do whats best for us AND you, and therefore we shift, we change, we add, we take away. Nothing is forever, so keeping riding the wave with us as we do whats best in the moment we are in. We love you. 

As always, sign up on Mindbody to save space! 


Catch us at :

AUGUST 17th-19th.
Kelli is teaching Saturday night along side East Forest
Use our Code KelliBF&F to get 15% off your ticket.

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Don't forget to take advantage of our:
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 : We are so eager and happy to introduce you to the RED ROOM. The benefits, the FAQ’s, our system and rules and last but not least, the Pricing can all be found HERE.  

 : Join Kelly Gaither in the ancient practice of Thai Massage. A full body experience, Thai massage incorporates a combination of acupressure and yoga like stretching. Call to book. 


I will show up for me. 
I will show up for them. 
All in. As best I can,
day in, day out.
I will remain present. 
I will be aware. 
I will keep taking care 
of me. 
Of them. 
I'm worthy. 
They're worthy. 

Questions? Ask! 

We love you. 

the Team

The Space