Braving the Heat.

photo by Evelyn James Photography

As a hot yoga studio in the summer, we are feeling the heat. 
So why the heat?
In the Space we use two types of heat, forced air as well as infrared heating panels.  
The forced heat heats the air around you while the infrared heats within you. 
With Infrared heat, your body increases blood flow, allowing the body to release heavy metals and toxins. Practicing in the heat provides countless physical benefits such as softening collagen around the joints, strengthening the heart and cardiovascular systems, speeding up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids, rejuvenating the skin, and assisting in the removal of inflammatory free-radicals from the body. Infrared generated heat stimulates vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels, allowing oxygen to joints and extremities, in turn speeding the healing of sprains and strains, relieving pain and reducing the time it takes the body to recover from an injury. Strengthening your immune system, speeding up muscular healing, infrared is SO good for you.

As we meditate on the heat, a deeper rooted connection resurfaces. Within the 8 limb path (yogic beilief system), one of the limbs is called the Niyamas. The Niyamas are moral codes or social contracts which guide us towards positive behavior, especially towards ourselves.
Tapas is one of the Niyamas.
Tapas translates to “discipline” but it is a word derived of the Sanskrit work ‘tap’ which means “to burn” and evokes a sense of passion or fiery discipline. 
Tapas means staying in the fire in order to cultivate greater discipline, courage, passion and essentially burn away impurities mentally, physically and emotionally thus bringing you forth into who you were created to be. 

Tapas doesn't have to be serious and mundane, it should be fierce! What gets your heart pumping?! What heightens your desire to GROW? Think about you in the last 30 seconds of 6 minutes of jumping jacks, it’s that HELL YES I CAN pursuit that pours out of you. It’s the breath and the tightening when you have to hold crescent for 3 minutes on one side, you lean in and you stand strong! Through the discomfort, you change your story! This is Tapas. 

So, how can we manifest tapas within our lives? On AND off our mats. 

When we think about pushing ourselves harder we think in a physical sense. What if what we needed to push ourselves harder in was practicing stillness, meditation or holding space for ourselves? Maybe it is practicing the poses that you avoid because they are uncomfortable. Using the discipline of showing up to move you deeper within. What if we pushed ourselves harder in the sense that we agreed to show up mentally and emotionally? Rather than punishing ourselves because of our late summer nights, what if you used the time on your mat a little bit more intentionally? Within your heart space? 

Tapas is inner wisdom to know how far you need to go. That's different for every person, and it can change day by day, moment by moment. Tapas is showing up when you don’t want to, removing the excuses and being all in, along for the ride. It’s setting boundaries when you know what you need. Its burning away all the things that you don’t have room for within your life. Have the courage to NOT listen to the negative voices within. You are strong. You are worthy. You CAN show up for you. 

The heat is what is refining us. 
Physically and mentally. 
Open your hands, 
Open your heart. 
It’s for you. 

Find your breath. Stand in what you want for yourself with your heart on your sleeve and fire in your soul.
It's time. Stand in the fire with us. 
Cleanse. Feel. Repeat. 


Flow in Color
Join us and Kelli McMullen 
June 9th, 1-9p. Ann Arbor
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Running Club
June 20th, Wednesday mornings, 
830-915a with Jenn Murray. 
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the Solstice
108 Sun Salutations.
Free event. Reservation required.
June 23rd, 1-230p.

Sound Bath+the Calm
Kelli McMullen and Josh Stoddard
June 30th, 330-5p.

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As we were choosing what to bring on next in our retail for the summer, we wanted to give platform for a handful of local artists for pieces that can spruce up any outfit and your home. Creating the Space everywhere you go. Check them out next time you're in. 

Handmade in Detroit.

Art by Liv Monte


Lava Rock Essential Oil Bracelets

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Learning about the poses we do and how to do them properly.
POSE : Chair Pose. utkatasana.

From Sanskrit, utkata means “fierce” or “wild,” 
and asana means “pose."
HOW TO : Feet come parallel on the mat, big toes kiss and heels slightly apart, inhale and reach your arms up high, as you exhale begin to press your knees together, lowering the hips. Fingertips stay reaching up towards the ceiling, arms covering the ears. Gaze goes up. This pose requires strength, stability and balance. It is a grounding pose, sometimes referred to as Power Pose. 

Variations of this asana include:
+Ardha utkatasana (half chair pose), in which the squat is only half as deep as utkatasana; and

+Parivrtta ardha utkatasana (revolved half chair pose), in which the hands are in prayer position and the upper body twists to the side.


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use anytime you need to ground back home to yourself.

"I am worthy to feel, to cleanse, to stand in the fire.
To release what it not for me, and to rewrite the story of what is. I will stay in the heat."


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We love you.
the Team

The Space