new year, new vitality.

Photo by Eli Lindauer

heart space (noun)  : the area within you that hears it all,
believes in it all, feels it all.
Loved by YOU. Taken care of by YOU. Fueled by YOU.

“And until someone can love all your imperfections and respect the person staring back in your reflections tell yourself you are beautiful in the morning and in the day and even while you sleep don’t listen to what they say you are not worthless or weak hold yourself piece by piece and be proud of who you are because tomorrow starts again let that negativity be at peace just stay strong and be brave you’re enough just as you are.” -c.p.

As we arrive in a new year, we have a beautiful and unique opportunity to realign with real and raw spaces within us. We have the opportunity to step out of the garments of 2017 and choose what to put on next. We choose to arrive in the moments that create the growth patterns, the things that take shape, we get to choose US. We choose our heart space to fuel and to protect and to love. You choose to carry yourself just as the earth carries your steps. Rather than setting goals, set intentions for your heart space. Meeting you right where you’re at, showing up, hands open and only love for whatever you are right now. Stepping into awareness and radical self love.

We love you so much. Thank for you walking alongside us in this journey of knowing ourselves a little bit more every day. 

The Spaces retail selections are  exclusively picked for the best methods of
creating the space within your life.
Indulging in the right ways.

This month's pick: DOUBLE FEATURE


These candles are hand poured in Chicago using only 100% natural soy wax. Each candle is concocted with the most yummy smells that will fill any space you put them in. We are so honored to carry such an ethically made brand as we support small business owners around the world. Stop in to smell some of their amazing blends.

II: MGDY design

MGDY (pronounced MAG-DEE) is a Detroit based jewelry company that specializes in creating beautiful + soulful Bohemian inspired pieces. We have been carrying them for the last couple of months and we just cannot get enough of them. This week we got some exclusive beaded ones that were created with the Space in mind. Stop in and check them out and get yours today as they sell out quick!


NEW YEAR | NEW CLASS TIMES Starting January 16th:

We’ve got really exciting news that involves the addition of two new classes this month! Lunch hour express classes! We are working with the Fuel (our soon to open sister cafe) to create a system where you can show up to get your workout in and have lunch waiting for you when you get out. There will be a Release class on Tuesdays and a Strength class on Thursdays, both at noon, both lasting 45 minutes. We want you to get in, get your butt kicked, and then be sent back to your busy day with the proper nutrition to fuel you. We are just as excited as you are. Please reserve on our Mindbody.


The Team: getting familiar

What brought you to begin your yoga practice and eventually start teaching?
 I first went to yoga with a friend, and I loved it from that moment on. I had never moved my body in that way before and I woke up the next morning sore, I thought it was a good workout. But like yoga does to most people who begin their journey with it only as a physical practice, I soon started to realize that it was about so much more than that. Yoga has brought me so much peace in my mind and with my body and I wanted to become a teacher, so I could help others find that same harmony within themselves. I feel so honored to get to teach and learn from such amazing humans!

Tell us about Thai massage and why you have pursued it?

I was introduced to Thai massage during my yoga teacher training. It was only a quick demo but I knew I wanted to learn more about it. I went to Irenes Institute of Myomassology and became a licensed massage therapist and offer a wide range of modalities but specialize in Thai. Thai massage is basically me doing yoga to you lol. It's fully clothed and on a thick mat on the floor. Lots of compression, stretching, breathing, energy, feel good stuff. I love connecting with people through my hands, I think the world needs it. More love and hey, I see you. You matter to me. That's what I hope to convey to everyone I get the opportunity to work on.

What are your bigger dreams with yoga and your massage practice and how would you eventually like to incorporate them together?

My dream would be to lead/co-lead yoga retreats and offer Thai massage as a part of the experience! I hope to also hold yoga/Thai adjustment classes all rolled into one. They really complement each other in all the best ways, the body, the mind, the heart and soul.

What’s your favorite "beat the winter blues" rituals?
My winter blues ritual is to wake up early, I love the dark of the morning. It's my favorite time and always puts me in a good place. I make some coffee or matcha and snuggle up with a big blanket and just observe. Then I need some movement. A little gentle stretching gets me warm. That's the thing about winter. It makes you feel stuck inside. Shaking it out is a must. I like to watch my dogs play in the snow, they are huskies, so they love this time of year! It makes me a little less bitter to see how much fun the snow brings them lol. Also, warm soaks in the bath. They warm my soul. I exfoliate a lot in the winter and moisturize like crazy. I love me some shea butter. Then in the evening I light a crackling sick candle and pretend I have a fireplace.


In the know:

We have so many good things for you to attend in the next month.
More info and sign up through Mindbody. Reservation required.

JAN 6th : Buti Glow, 6p
Tribal paint, dancing, fun, only a few spots left!

JAN 20th : the Intention, 6p
Our monthly moon ceremony led by Jess Giraud.

JAN 27th : A Mother’s Love
A movement + photoshoot with Mothers and their babies in celebration of their bodies.
Space very limited.

FEB 3rd : Woman’s Self Defense Class, 1p
A class where you will become equipped for a basic knowledge and understanding of fool proof self-defense.

Take 10 minutes of your day to pause and get your blood moving with:
the Movement
with Liv Monte

Movement sequence created to clear blocked energy within the body and move you past the heaviness of post holiday-winter months.

Build your playlist in order (or click here) :
1.       Her by Raury
2.       Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka
3.       Bread & Cheese by A Tribe Called Red

Song 1 :: Begin in plank pose. Right leg lifts, 3 connections knee to right elbow. Left leg lifts, 3 connections knee to left elbow. 1 push up, push back into child’s pose, exhale. Inhale, look forward, dragging chest along the ground to an upward facing dog or cobra (hips on the ground). Exhale, push the hips high to down dog. Inhale, plank pose, begin again. Using one breath to one movement. Connecting. Closing the eyes. Noticing the body heating up. Notice the mind, easing into the movement, how do you feel? What are you thinking?

Song 2 :: Start by tapping your heels and release the tension in the arms.  Begin to squat on the beat. Reach the arms forward as you squat and pull it back on the way up. Keeping the same rhythm the whole song. Pulling the low belly in, down and up, press through the heels. Noticing the mind as you journey through the whole song. Notice the body as the feeling begins to increase. What’s coming up? Asking yourself in the moments you want to quit, why?

Song 3 :: Jump, shake, throw your arms, releasing pent up anything.
Give yourself permission to move FREELY. No agenda here, just committing to moving the entirety of the song. Maybe you pulse, maybe you jack, maybe you just dance. Maybe you scream, yell, cry, laugh at yourself. Eventually maybe tapping the arms and legs and chest with a closed fist.
 No right way to participate except feeling your body and keep moving.

At the end of the third song, come to stillness, seated or standing and trace your breath with your arms. Inhaling, reaching up, gaze up, exhale out the mouth, arms circle down, hands come to heart center. Repeat. Notice your mind. Notice your breath. Notice your heart. Check back in. Releasing, connecting back to your heart space.


New Year Intentions:
Find a quiet space. Hand on heart. Maybe look into a mirror, into your eyes.
Maybe eyes closed, and take it line by line. Breathing it in.
Believing in you. In your words.

Recite aloud:

“A better me is coming.
I am light.
I am grace.
I am beauty.
I am foundational.
I am whole.
I respect and am respected.
I hold no past record of wrongs against anyone.
I make way for things that are meant for me this year.
I hold on to my past only as a teacher.
I am grateful for where I have walked,
what I have conquered.
There is more than I can imagine waiting for me in the next 365 days.
I am open and I am values.
I am eager to participate in my dreams,
in my reality.
In my life.
There is a better me coming.”


Questions? ASK!
We love you so much.
The Team
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