Photo by Sam Paducha at the Mother’s Self Love Workshop

Worthy (adjective) : deserving effort, attention or respect. Suitable.

“Today. Today is for blossoming fecund gardens of abandon. Today is for golden tomorrow's already planted & silently germinating. Today is for thanking my heart & the Universe which are one. Today is for cultivating freedom in my mind. Today is for noticing what comes up, observing it, accepting it & letting it go. Today is for basking in the light. Today is breathing into this body & nourishing it with what it asks for. Today is for honoring the boundaries I have placed. Today is for being completely honest with myself. Today is for meeting my deepest needs. Today is for choosing me.”
-hal & nova

February brings the familiar theme of radical self love, except we dive a little deeper and we uncover the foundations of it. Something we call worthiness. Do you know your worth and where are you looking to find it? 
What holds you back from really feeling it??
Why is choosing ourselves and knowing the “why” so difficult?
 We are fighting the depths of winter in this month and at this point in the season we tend to numb out.
 We lose touch with ourselves, we step out of feeling and knowing.
But, did you know that you are worthy? That you deserve good and whole things? That there’s people that love and appreciate you, whether you’ve found them or not. Do you know the weight of your worthiness? Did you know that you are worthy of the “finer” things?  The things that you don’t feel you deserve. We hope you step into this month with a passion and an intention to know you a little deeper by starting with the core belief.
Am I worthy?
Yes. Yes you are.
Say it over and over again through your days, letting it lull you to sleep.
And when you start to believe it, keep saying it so you never lose it.

We love you so much.


The Spaces retail selections are  exclusively picked for the
 best methods of creating the space within your life.
 Indulging in the right ways.

This month's pick: SCENT OF SAMADHI

This is an au natural deodorant that is an ancient herbal concoction created by the yogis of South India. Samadhi (sah-mah-dee) means “the inexpressible pure bliss of union with the Divine”. We are happy to offer this in our boutique as it is an amazing addition to a healthy lifestyle, removing the toxins of regular deodorant. It also smells amazing and lasts all day long. Check it out next time you’re in!


Never before workshop coming to the Space : 

FEB 17, 5p. 
Self care and understanding of oneself is the foundation of building any relationship - we must first connect with ourselves to better connect with others. Belief in vulnerability, open hearts and honesty are essential.

The goal of this workshop is to teach the students how to let down their guard, let go of their ego, let others have the chance to get inside, and make a true connection with the people in their lives. Its called the Connection as this is the center of what the purpose is. To connect with someone you love. This is a Partner workshop as you don't just have to bring your significant other, but you can bring a friend or a parent, someone special to you. There will be trust exercises, soul searching, partner yoga, very mild acro, hands on adjustments. Michael Lopez and Kelly Gaither will be leading this experience.

Michael and Kelly are trained in yoga, massage & bodywork, amongst other healing modalities and are constantly seeking to expand their knowledge of the mind, body and spirit. They often set time aside to just get quiet with each other, letting the silence do the talking. Just observing each other and appreciating the other. No words necessary. Taking the time to give their full attention to each other even if for just a few minutes of the day. They are absolutely not perfect, but at the end of the day they always choose love.
Clients will need water and a yoga mat, and to wear yoga/comfortable clothing. And most importantly, be ready to be vulnerable and grow! The class is 90 minutes in duration.

This Workshop is $40 per couple ($20/person). Each client will need to sign up within MindBody separately. Space is very limited for this workshop. Please hold space for yourself and your partner!


The Team: getting familiar

1. In what ways do you fight "winter blues"?
For me winter blues comes from being stagnant. If I can keep moving it helps me stay on the positive side. Get outside when you can. Break your everyday routine. Having two young kids, things can get pretty routine around here. So doing something out of the ordinary that might spark a little bit of excitement in my life helps me forget how much I miss summer. So take that yoga class, go on that girls trip, plan a middle-of-the-week date night.

2. What’s your favorite way to rest while living a healthy lifestyle?
My favorite way to rest is to literally do just that, rest. I love my sleep and am lucky enough to be home most days with my youngest daughter. When she naps midday, so do I. Sure there are other things I could be doing. I’m not the type of person that can function well without rest. So I take advantage of every moment I get. Evenings get busy when both kids are here so to be at my best for my family I make sure I take a moment for myself when I can.

3. What’s one of your biggest goals for this year and how are you doing so far with it?
One of my biggest goals for this year is self care. It has taken some forgiveness and some prioritizing, but I’m doing ok. Mothers of young children understand how important alone time is and what it does for your mental health. I used to feel guilty sometimes because I couldn’t fit everything in everyday. By setting myself as a priority, I am a better mother to my kids and a better wife to my husband.

In the know:

We have so many good things for you to attend in the next month. More info and sign up through Mindbody. Reservation required.

Feb 17, 5p : the Connection
A partner workshop focused on trust.

Feb 24,  6-8p :  Buti Glow
A tribal inspired, dancey yoga, trial paint, black lights, a dang good time.

Mar 2, 715-815  : the Intention
Our monthly moon ceremony led by Jess Giraud.

Are you interested in the Space hosting your workshop or collaborating with us for an event?
Contact info@DiscoverTheSpace.com


Take a few moments to dive in deeper with:
the Asana
Learning about the poses we do and how to do them properly. 
POSE : Dekasana : Airplane

HOW TO: From Mountain pose, standing tall rooting through the feet, shift weight into the right leg, lifting the left leg behind you. Flexing the heel of the left foot, tipping your chest forward, bring the body parallel to the mat. Arms can remain at heart center until you're balanced enough to extend them out to a T, spreading the finger tips, reaching through the crown of the head. Low belly pulls in, once you feel stable, begin to correct posture through pulling the left hip towards the ground, aiming to square the hips with the floor. Trace the breath as it comes in and out, flexing, reaching, body tight and strong.

THIS POSE: Dekasana is a variation of Warrior III and works to challenge and improve balance, the legs, the low back and the core. Standing poses help us balance the common maladies like sitting all day. This pose, when done correctly, gives your body a chance to stabilize itself through the rooted foot, while tightening the core and using the breath to find balance.


February Intentions:

Find a quiet space. Hand on heart. Maybe look into a mirror, into your eyes.
Maybe eyes closed, and take it line by line. Breathing it in. Believing in you. In your words.

Recite aloud:

“When I am grounded,
I can not be shaken.
I will show up for myself in new ways this month,
Pulling myself out of the fog.
Speaking life and worth into the darkest places of my heart.
I will take every negative thought captive,
Pulling myself back within,
Loving my shape, and taking good good care of me.
Choosing health and wholeness.
A soft heart, a strong back,
A grace and a unrelenting love,
For this life, this body,
The things that have chosen me
That I am ready to nourish.”


Questions? ASK!
The Team

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