peeling back the layers.

Photo by Eli + Delaney Lindauer

Evolve | v e r b

“Develop gradually, especially from a simple to more complex form.”

As we step into these colder seasons with you we want you to continue to cultivate your mind and spirit with awareness. What a perfect opportunity to do so as we are in a constant transition of seasons this time of year. We are romanced by the way the trees change color, and eventually they lose their leaves week by week; they shed. They release to prepare for the next season. Becoming less so that when the times comes, they are pruned and ready to blossom once again. But first, the winter. The cold and the sometimes dreary, the heavy, the gloomy. Much like what we do on our mats, there must be preparation and a willingness to keep showing up if we wish to continually evolve. Even if that means showing up to be pruned when it’s not necessarily warm and cozy and familiar.
Right now we are on day 3 of our first ever seasonal cleanse at the Space, called the Shift. As we journey through this detoxification process, we have eliminated the foods that cause inflammation within our bodies, which happen to be the very things we tend to ingest on a regular basis. We take NOTICE of our emotional connection to these things we reach for in moments of feeling. Feeling sad, happy, tired, etc. We carve out a new awareness out of the patterns that we have lived in for weeks, for seasons, maybe even for years. We choose this awareness and we begin to loosen our grip. Pruning begins, and the first few days are always the hardest. These are the moments where every choice has to be sifted and felt, and then understood. Once we fight the good fight of the craving, the thing that "cures" the void-- whatever it is we choose to fill ourselves with, we step into a new space in our mind, body and spirit. Lighter, more observant, and a better understanding. This is the process of release for us in this season.
Erykah Badu said, “evolving involves eliminating”. We must let go to become something more. As the seasons change, so do we because we must change to adapt to what we are about to face in life. Just as the trees do.
We have opportunities for you to peel back some layers and for you to get to know yourself better in this upcoming season. Releasing to create space, pruning to feel what needs to be felt, and preparing for what's to come. Hand in hand. Us with you, YOU with us. We love you. Take good care.

-Liv Monte, Studio Director
The Spaces retail selections are  exclusively picked for the best methods of creating
the space within your life. Indulging in the right ways.

This month's pick:


When we thought about what kind of clothing we wanted to offer you at the Space, we thought two things: 1. COMFY and 2. Low key branding so you'd wear it any day of the week. We do small batches so we keep our line very exclusive and one of a kind. Next time you're in, take a look. Also, be looking for new releases as we head into the holiday season.


Details rolling out now about our:
Teacher Training
Our in-depth, Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Program (200 Hours) is a journey. It will uncover your patterns, internal dialogue and all that stands between you and your higher self by learning the art of observation.  Together, we will study the ancient healing practice of yoga. We will dive into the history and origins of this and explore the art of teaching it. Our training will take you back to the roots of Ashtanga and deeply study this eight limb path.  You will learn sequencing, musicality, guiding and how to hold space for transformation and healing.

DATE: January 7th - April 8th
MEETING TIMES: Sundays and Wednesday evenings.
COST: $2500 Early-Bird November
$3000 thru December
(Half down deposit to secure rate and paid in full by Dec 29th)
ENROLLMENT: Now-December 29th
LEAD TEACHERS: Kelli McMullen and Melissa Parrish

If you are interested, we are requesting an interview to hear your goals, your intentions, etc. Please email Kelli McMullen to know the next steps.


Our first workshop is happening so soon:
the  W O R K
THE WORK : Our very first workshop at the Space. Two hours of digging really deep, facing whats on the inside. Movement breaks in order to connect with the body and help tap into the emotion and healing. You're going to get to know yourself a little better. Lots of moving through the sludge. Feeling the feelings. It's about to get REAL. Refreshments to follow.
Led by Kelli McMullen and Natashia Robbins.
You don't want to miss this.

NOVEMBER 18th, 330-530p
Enrollment through November 10th*.

Interested? Sign up on our MindBody.  

*There is a minimum of 10 people needed to have this workshop.
Please sign up ASAP if this interest you to hold space.


Donation Based Class on Thanksgiving:

We are partnering with YOU this Holiday season. Our first stop is Thanksgiving. An opportunity for gratitude for the things we have, what creates our lives, all of the parts. We will be having a donation based class the morning of. Donations go to a cause yet to be selected! Do you know a family in need? A charity that you love that helps people in need this time of year? Any ideas you have can be sent to All your ideas are completely anonymous, so no worries, let us know what you're thinking.


We hope to see you soon because:

the COMMUNITY : december 9, 4-7p

A community connecting event that we are hosting as a THANK YOU to all our amazing clients and their friends. We will be hosting several local/small business vendors that advocate healthy living. A great chance to get some Christmas Shopping finished. There will be raffles and freebies, we want you there! Mark your calender's!


The Team: getting familiar
Tell us about the Fusion. Why has it become your signature class?
The Fusion started as an accident in a way; it's a style that merges two types of yoga: slow and intentional with one breath one movement. This is an opportunity to hold in a pose that may be uncomfortable, to shift in that pose, to ground in the pose, to fall out of the pose, and to find your personal variation in it; by slowing down the flow of yoga, we are able to find this. I like the focus and intention coupled with the flow on your own. I also find the opportunity to observe in this class as a way to grow out of some things I do out of familiarity and comfort. Push your own buttons!

Photo by Eli + Delaney Lindauer
As we enter the colder seasons, what are some of your go-to’s for food and drink?
I love americanos in the morning, and sleepy time tea at night. My favorite food this time of year is anything soup. I really enjoy cooking, but there's something about my Mom's Chicken Soup and Split Pea Soup that I just can't get enough of. When I cook for myself, I like spicy savory soups full of various types of veggies.Although in the Fall, warm cider and donuts is a must.

What’s your current favorite wellness ritual?
I hardly slow down, I feel like I lose time easily or that I should be doing something productive, so having a wellness ritual is pretty new to me, and it's something I am still working on. Right now, it's making sleepy time tea, and sitting with the mug, no distractions, going over what I am grateful for. I have recently tried Epsom Salt Baths and this is something that is game changing, I will continue to utilize after a long day.

Your favorite part of the seasons changing?
Everything! Seriously, from the clothing switch up, to the air, to the way it looks outside, to how I feel internally. Changing seasons is deeply rooted emotionally for me as well, this time of year is so nostalgic and warm, and the last 4 months of the year are my favorite. Even the snow! I shift with the seasons, so I will probably never live somewhere that doesn't have this variety.


We are flowing, we are fluxing, we are learning our new normal as the Space is almost two months old now. What a dream. What a ride so far. We aren’t really sure how to fully thank all of you who have showed up, sent words of love, or flowers, or good vibes, all the parts, how do we fully thank you? A simple “thank you” seems so minuscule to the gratitude we feel and we hope you know and believe that.

Questions? Ask!

the Team

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