The harvest is a direction reflection of the exertion.


What you pour in, you will pour out.

What you sow, you will reap.

There is a cause and an effect in all things. As we enter the harvest season, the season where we release and prepare for the slumber of winter. Where we plow the ground, preparing it to settle, to rest, to become stronger for the next season. Let nourishment be your anthem. Let taking really good care be your mission. The harvest that you reap, mirrors all that you have poured into you.

What are the things that you need to let go of? Relationships? Habits? The things that take your time and energy that are robbing you of a deeper connection of self to self? You can be aware of them. You can choose to rise above. You can release them. You don’t have to hold on to them any longer.

What can you reap from what you have poured into yourself? What can you do to prepare for the next?

You are already worthy.
You are already brave.

You’ve got this.

we love you


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“I had the privilege to experience The Space’s first retreat to Mexico. It was nothing less than magical. The movement was healing, the food was deliciously nourishing, the overall experience was just what my soul needed to reset and refresh. I would do this retreat again in a heartbeat and plan on attending as many of them as I can.”

Xinalani, Mexico January 20-25

there’s room for you.

Movement. Processing. Nourishing fresh food. and in the middle of a Michigan winter?

Hell yes.

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FEB 2 - MAY 3, 2020

We are hosting our 4th RYT-200 teacher training in February! We have had the honor of certifying over 40 incredible souls over the last two years and we are so excited for our next group! Our YTT is an incredible, soul searching, heart opening, in depth discovery experience. Whether you want to teach or gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation for your practice, there’s room for you here.

Get on the waitlist today : email Liv Monte at livmonte@discoverthespace.com

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Current Weekly Offerings

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We are gearing up for a busy fall/winter season. It’ll be warm here. Join us.

Extra Circular :

  • The Process : restoring the precious relationship between you and your body. An In-House retreat. All 5 Saturdays in November. Sign up and details on mindbody.

  • The Youth : Gratitude through mindfulness. It’s never too soon to get your kiddos involved in learning the tools to navigate life through mindfulness. Join us for a 4 week series in November. Details and sign up here.

  • Wreath Workshop. Join Liv Monte and Hayley Warda-Pierzynski in a meditative creative experience. Details soon!

  • Faith based yoga offering with Ali Walker. More details to come!

Have an idea for a workshop? We’d love to hear. Email livmonte@discoverthespace.com


Take the Space to your home with this mini sequence.

Song : Dancing With A Stranger by Sam Smith

Mommas Yoga-156 (1).jpg

Flow : Begin in Chair pose. Take one ardha, lifting the heels, inhale stand all the way up, take side bends, right and left. Reach through the center, exhale, fold forward. Inhale, half lift, exhale, plant the hands, hop the feet back, drop the knees, cat cow 2-3 times. press back into child’s pose. Inhale, look forward, drag the chest along the ground, cobra. Hips stay rooted into the mat, legs long behind. Roll into left side plank, hips stacked, right arm reaches high. Right knee, right elbow connect once, extend, right foot steps up into airplane. Drag left thigh up and in, twist, dancing shiva. Left foot kicks back, Buddha squat. Sink hips low, built sensation in the legs. Right hand plants, roll right side plank. Left elbow, left knee connect once, step left foot up, airplane, dancing shiva. Windmill up and over to top of mat, vinyasa.

Repeat once or several times. Find spaces in the body along the way. Keep returning to the breath. Feel. Release. Smile.

we love you