the Art of Being Seen.

S E E N  (verb)  ::
"to become aware of. experience or witness. to find good qualities within. to observe."

What do you think of when you think about being seen? 
Is it something you’re familiar with? Is it something that you desire? 
A deep yearning in your soul?
The truth is, we all want to be seen. 
When you’re truly seen, you feel needed and desired and validated.
Its not a bad thing. It’s a human thing. We are so uniquely created and designed. 
Each offering special skills, talents and abilities. 
Every time you step into a room, 
you offer something so completely different than each other person there. 
Who are you? 
What makes you who you are? 
Who creates your being? 
What do you offer to your community? 
What are your passions? 
The things that light you up and make you YOU? 
These things are you. And you are created with purpose and reason. What are you waiting for? 
Its time. Its time. 
Step out, into the light. Bold and PROUD of who you are.

It's time to be seen. 
There is a deep need in this world for what you have to offer.
Whats really beautiful about the ability to be seen is that when you are seen for who you are and what you offer this amazing life you've been gifted, you give the people around you the permission to do so too. So do it for you, do it for them. We're stronger together. But you've gotta stand bravely as you to stand hand in hand.

we love you. 

A chance to practice being seen:
C H A L L A N G E M A Y 7th-13th

7 day Instagram Challenge.
A week to step in and be seen.

May 7th. Day 1 : Shameless Selfie :
 Put yourself out there, 
show us who you are. 
In your favorite skin. 
Your day to day.

Day 2 : Favorite way to wind down through life.
 Show us how you decompress!

Day 3 : Your favorite grounding movement.
A photo of your favorite movement that 
helps you come back home to yourself.

Day 4 : Favorite heart opening yoga pose. 
When you wear your heart on your sleeve, 
you are vulnerable. 
You are seen. Let this be your practice. 

Day 5 : the people that mean the most to you. 
Who grounds you in life?
Who is your foundation? 
Your roots?

Day 6 : Your favorite way of finding stillness. 
What’s your favorite holding pose,
 or way of being still?

Day 7 : No make up selfie in your element.
You as you. 
Au Natural. Show you to us. 
As you are! 

  1. Must follow the Space via Instagram
  2. Must tag @theSpaceBrighton in caption and in photo*. 
  3. Must use the hashtag #theSpaceToBeSeen. 
  4. Be creative and have so much fun! Don't take it tooo seriously. 
Each day that you post is one entry into the pot for one of our amazing prizes listed below!

*If you have a private Instagram account, please consider making it public just for the challenge, otherwise the Space will not be notified that you've tagged us!

1st = 1 Month Unlimited
2nd = One item from Nourish Boutique
 (excludes KR Jewelry Line)
3rd = Cleansing Bundle + One free class. 

Join us and invite a friend!


The Spaces retail selections are  exclusively picked for the
 best methods of creating the space within your life.
 Indulging in the right ways.

As we step into the next couple of weeks of BEING SEEN, we are revamping our Nourish Boutique, adding in some amazing new local items! Refreshing it for the new season. Stay tuned for so many wonderful, hand picked products coming your way so soon! You will notice that we've added a special cooler at the studio to house some of your favorite Fuel juices. Convenience never felt so good. Grab + GO!


For Students + School Teachers :

We are excited to roll out our summer pricing for High School + College Students
 AS WELL AS School Teachers! 

3 MONTHS UNLIMITED ...150. (Limit 1)


10 Class Pack ... 75. (Limit 1)

These special deals will be available for purchase now through August
 and must be purchased at the Studio (NOT available via Mindbody online or app). 
Valid school I.D. must be present at time of purchase. 
The unlimited packages start the first day you use them, 
and we are unable to suspend them. Thank you.



Women's Empowerment Buti
with Kelsey Taylor and Kenni Richardson

THIS Saturday, May 5th, 6-8p
Reservation required via MindBody. 

the Roots | YOGA 101
Starting May 12th, every Saturday.
6 weeks. Reservation required

the Community Connect
An open house of wellness gurus and artists.  
free to our community.
May 19th, 5-7p.

All Workshops available to book and
 buy through our mindbody!
Want to plan a workshop or event with us?
 Email us at


Don't forget to take advantage of our:
+O F F E R I N G S 
at the Space 


 : We are so eager and happy to introduce you to the RED ROOM. The benefits, the FAQ’s, our system and rules and last but not least, the Pricing can all be found HERE.  

: Join Kelly Gaither in the ancient practice of Thai Massage. A full body experience, Thai massage incorporates a combination of acupressure and yoga like stretching. Find everything you need to know HERE.


Take a few moments to dive in deeper with : THE A S A N A Learning about the poses we do and how to do them properly.
POSE : Head Stand. Salamba Sirsasana

How to : Feel free to use a wall to gently catch you if you haven't done this before. Bringing your forearms on the ground, elbows as close as you can, clasping the hands around the head. Your bang line will meet the mat below you, tuck your toes. Pressing up through the shoulders to protect your neck, the weight is distributed in the solid base of your arms. Toes are tucked, slowly start to walk up leg up at a time, hopping off the feet and tightening the core along the way. Firm the tailbone against the back of the pelvis. When legs are above the head, engaging the muscles, flexing the feet, the legs, the core, tightening it all! Keeping the weight out of the neck, continue to press up into the shoulders just like in plank. Start with one foot at a time, hopping up, then eventually use the support of the wall to practice the balance.
The Pose : Getting your head below your heart is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the brain. As you reverse the blood flow, this gives the body a multitude of benefits! Strengthens the shoulders, spine and the core. Helps tone the abdominal organs as well as improve lung function.

There's many places to explore once you give yourself the freedom and opportunity of learning this pose! The best way to learn how to do this is to start doing it ;) Practice makes perfect!-- or something close to anyway!


We are expanding our schedule to better suite your needs for this upcoming Summer season!
Here's what you can expect to come in the next few weeks:

  • 6a Classes Monday-Friday
  • 4p Classes Monday-Friday
  • 8a Class on Sunday mornings
  • 11a Classes Saturday/Sundays
What we are removing (just!) for the Summer :
  • Friday 5:30p Release
  • Sunday 6p Release

With new offerings, comes NEW TEACHERS. We are excited to be welcoming several new Instructors to our team. Many of them you may even know as they've been with us since day 1. As the season shifts and our schedule too, bear with us! Stay open and ready to shift. We are opening so much opportunity for you, for us, for them. Its a chance to be seen as we step forward. So join us, hand in hand. Be ready and excited because the best is yet to come!

Find a quiet space, hand on heart, find your breath, and speak to you. 

"I will stand boldly
in who I am
moment by moment. 
I will choose to
believe in my 
To be proud of who
I was so 
created to be.
I will work to
wear my heart 
on my sleeve.
Showing the wounds,
nurturing the scars,
rejoicing in the 
My one sweet


Questions? Ask!

We love you.
the Team

The Space