the Playroom : DO's + INFO

The Playroom DO’s


We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients the Playroom during select class times on our schedule. Below are our rules and policy that is held in order to create a safe and well rounded environment for your children. 

DO take your child to the bathroom prior to leaving them with our sitters. We legally should not be changing diapers. 

DO sign up each child through mindbody to hold space. This must be done online or through calling us. Cannot be done through the MindBody app. We recommend signing up at least 48 hours in advance. It is imperative to sign up each child as our child care room can only hold so many kids. *If you only have one spot reserved, but are bringing multiple children, you will not be guaranteed a spot for them upon arrival.

DO only reserve space FOR your own children. Bringing only your children is important for liability reasons.

DO check in through the front desk upon dropping your child(ren) off.

DO not bring your child in if they are sick. If they’ve had a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. within 24 hours please consider the other children in our child care room.

DO not pack your child a snack as we avoid food in our childcare room to avoid allergies, ants, etc.

DO not pack your child anything other than water to drink. Formula/Milk for babies acceptable.

DO allow your children to bring something that allows them to relax and stay busy.  (i.e. iPad, books, a toy of choice, etc.)

DO help us help your child(ren) to understand that the Space is a quiet and sacred place and to act in a respectful manner.

DO help us help the child(ren) be kind to the other kids in the Playroom. And help teach them the importance of sharing if they are bringing something from home.


We need your greatest effort to help us create the most functional and safe playroom that we can. Your help is needed and appreciated to help us offer this service to our clients. Thank you for joining forces with us.


$5/ Drop In

$30/ 10 Punch Pass


Every 9:30a + 5:30p Class

COMING SOON : Summer Special 8a Child Care, Starting TBD.

We are hoping to have plans of expansion for our Playroom, please stay tuned. 
For now, thank you to all our amazing clients for walking the walk with us!

We appreciate you!

The Space