the Choice and the Delay.


choice : (noun)
+the act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

How we can choose to think about tragedy:
“Thinking into this coming week, we are brought back into the tragic events that occurred on 9/11. Initially, our first class was scheduled for 9/11 at 9:11a because it was apart of the message at the Space. To not get caught up in the story or circumstances. We have so many ways to look at things that come our way and one of the interesting things about tragedy is that deep inside a tragedy is always a lesson to be learned. A deep love behind it all.
An understanding that we can never control the circumstances that come toward us but we have the ability to consciously select our response. Do we choose fear and hate? Or feel it all to free it?
Whats happening in our world is we are in a state of fear which is exactly what they wanted when they bombed us on 9/11. Will we choose fear or will we lean in and feel?
I would never want anyone to think that I am downplaying the tragedy that happened in our world or trying to make light of it all. As a matter of fact, I’m using it as an opportunity to call in community and togetherness and not to withdraw and remain in seclusion. Let’s join in and get what we need.
-Kelli McMullen

So We choose.
We have choices.
Will you choose to feel?
Or will you allow fear to hold you?
Will you choose to walk through something?
Choosing bravery. Choosing light and love.
Choosing your community.
Standing hand in hand, and reacting out of love.
Choosing you.

Lets unite, let’s push beyond the resistance, lets come together and react from a different space.  

Because we can.


Important news on:
the Delay

We have a little bit of “bad” news… after talking with our builders today, we can't be open on the 11th. We are SO sad, and we are so sorry if this has affected your scheduling for that day in any way. We know so many of you have committed your time to being there, and we plan on making it up to you in the best way that we can.

We say “bad” because we believe in the process, as hard as that is sometimes. We believe things happen for reasons that our out of our control, and we choose to remain patient.

We have added a new class on Friday morning called "the Opening" and want you to reserve for it if you can. That morning is the same morning of our Ribbon cutting ceremony, and there will be a very special express class beforehand also led by Kelli McMullen. So you have a couple of options to be with us on that exciting day!

Another awesome thing we'd like to tell you is that from Friday the 15th-22nd we will still be offering our first week open absolutely free. This will not take away from your membership package if you have purchased one.

We have highest hopes that you understand and will be as patient with us as possible. We believe that we are creating something that is SO worth waiting for.

Waiting with you so patiently,
the Team

If you have children coming to our:
Child Care
We ask you so kindly to print and fill out the waiver prior to coming in! This will help the system of checking people in be more efficient!
You can find this waiver here.

More details coming so soon about our:
Teacher Training
Excited to tell you that we are Yoga Alliance Certified and looking to do our very first Teacher Training January 2018. We are currently ironing out our schedule and details. Stay tuned for more details and an opportunity to register.


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the Team: getting familiar
When did your yoga journey begin and what does it mean to you?
I started my yoga journey five years ago and immediately fell in love with the fact that it brings me to the present moment. As soon as I started, I knew it was something I would do for life. I crave the movement and the energy. I love the freedom. When I practice, I am so comfortable being myself and taking care of my it whatever it needs at the time.  And for me, there is nothing like being upside down!  

When and why have inversions become something you love and incorporate into your practice?
Right away, I was drawn to inversions and backbends and I always incorporate them in my practice. Growing up, whenever I would  be inside for too long or not active, I would get headaches. It was almost like my body would intuitively be telling me to move. I have found that whenever I feel that way, I need to switch things up and change my perspective. For me these past five years that has meant some sort of inversion, whether that be a down dog or a handstand I instantly feel reset after! Once I started really developing my inversion practice, I fell in love with the floating feeling you get - it's almost as if time is standing still.

Your favorite thing about the seasons changing?
Summer is definitely my favorite season but I am excited for Fall. With the seasons changing I find that I can get back to a more regular studio practice! Over the summer, it's easy to make excuses or want to enjoy the sun, but with the colder weather, there is nowhere I would rather be than sweating in the studio!


We are so grateful for YOU,
walking alongside us,
being so patient and understanding,
we thank you.

Questions? Ask!

the Team

The Space