reaching to know : part 3

Welcome back, thanks for joining us. We love you so much already.

                                                                                                                                 Photo by Shannon Schultz Photography

reach : (VERB)
+ “stretch out an arm in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something”

We’re stepping out, reaching far, things are beginning to take shape, and we begin to reach for more and more. We can feel it, this thing becoming real. We are grasping. We are so close. Will you stay with us? Will you reach with us?
What needs to be felt? What needs to be reached for in this moment?
Are you ready to reach for yourself? For your heart?
What will you reach for within you? What will you offer?
What will you take hold of and claim as yours?

Get ready to  r e a c h.
For you. With us.


News coming SO soon about our:
Our builders are working SO diligently in the Space to make an early September opening happen. We are with you, sitting “patiently”, waiting to know an exact date! We will let you know as soon as we know.


Did you know that we will offer:
Child Care
We understand that one of the biggest reasons people have to miss out on their self care times is because there's no one to watch their littles. Because of this, we will be offering childcare at special times during the week to best accommodate everyone's schedules.


Is up and running on the homepage of our website!

Take a moment to peek at our schedule that will be rolling out when we open! We have carefully placed every class at its time to offer a great variety for you. Take a look here!


Registration opens soon for :
The Shift

Our seasonal detoxification program-- Please join us as we rejuvenate and realign our bodies as the season changes, from the inside out. The Shift is a 10 day cleanse where you eat intuitively based on the seasonal offerings. All the while introducing some really good ways of taking good care through rituals.

Please email for more info.


The Spaces retail selections are  exclusively picked for the best methods of creating the space within your life. Indulging in the right ways.


We discovered Kenna Nicole not too long ago at our local Plum Market. Then recently met their sweet owners at BFF. Locally made in Berkley Michigan, this oil smells like the perfect blend of warm + woodsy with a hint of citrus. We are obsessed and excited to share it with you.


The Team: getting familiar
What’s currently your fav 5 circuit workout?
My favorite 5 move circuit workout is body weight only! Excuse proof, on the go, vacation ready whenever, wherever! I always start with push ups, effective, and targets your total body not only chest! Move Two: walking lunges, gets the heart rate going. Three: tricep dips, a go-to intense and effective isolation move. Four: have to get some cardio in...squat jumps! Yahoo! Finally I like to end with core, bicycle crunches are a fav, slow and controlled or balls to the wall, whatever feels good!

What are you most excited to add to the Space as a non-yoga teacher?
I'm so excited to bring some strength and HIIT (high intensity interval training) into the Space. It’s been my experience that people tend to stick to one or the other, strength training or yoga. But what I have realized is that both, cardio strength training and yoga, develop an amazing mind, body, spirit connection, that produces some of the best feels in the world! Being able to practice cardio strength training and yoga under one amazing roof in Brighton has been a dream of mine for some time, I'm so ready!

What are your favorite summer jams?
My fav summer songs right now have to be all things Tom Petty. We started the summer with a Petty concert that was absolutely amazing, so currently I'm loving throwing back some "American Girl" and "Wildflowers". I'm also super digging "Feels" by Calvin Harris, such a good summer jam!

What are your wellness rituals that keep you grounded?
One of my absolute wellness rituals is sleep. A good night's sleep, like at least eight hours, is a top priority for me. We keep our room cool, almost cold, and dark. I love our soft, cozy, bed and I love to diffuse lavender to help me chill. Getting a good night's sleep is the best ways to rest and recharge and is an absolute must for me.

Another one of my favorite wellness rituals is vacation. Our family tries to get up north to the lake in the summer and ski in the winter. I can't tell you how much those little weekend recharges do for me. The phone goes away, the laundry and the lists are at home and we can just focus on having fun as a family without distraction. Getting outside and away allows me to slow down, to breath in yummy air, to rest and's everything!


Questions? Ask!

Warmly, the Team

The Space