Year 2 | Rebirth

r e b i r t h 
(noun) -
 the process of being born again

It is much more than a building, much more than a yoga studio. As we embark on the second birthday of The Space we are all looking back from where we started, as we continue growing and moving forward. The essence of the space is a community built on acceptance of self, and release of all that no longer serves us. More than a workout or fitness class, this is movement as medicine. It was created for you to leave fiercely inspired and to feel alive in your body, fully embracing our bodies with love and devotion. We want to focus on self-care, versus working yourself into the ground or pushing yourself to injury. This is a place healing begins. This is where we let go of perfection and we embrace who we are today, in this moment, loving ourselves body and soul. 
What is the Space to me? It is my home. Four years ago I walked into a yoga class taught by Kelli full of fear and anticipation. I had no idea my world was about to break wide open. At that moment I was so deep in my ‘dark place’ that the outside world and my own body felt foreign. See, when you struggle with an eating disorder, anxiety and depression, your body does not feel like your own. It feels like a heavy vessel you have to carry along while you struggle to get through the day. My body was not my own, which made my body image a daily battle. After starting to breathe and move in these yoga classes, emotions began to surface and I was terrified. What if I start to cry, and feel? I don’t want to feel! What if I fall apart? What if I can’t hold myself together in front of these people? I wanted to bolt out of the room so many times, but I forced myself to stay. Stay in the heat, stay in the uncomfortable, stay in the intensity. That is when I started to feel again. That was when the layers started to unravel. The unraveling has happened in pieces. Once you begin to peel away the layers you can’t stop. It’s like peeling the onion one layer at a time. I began to have new emotions that I hadn’t felt in years because I had numbed them all with food, alcohol, shopping, or whatever addiction was manifesting at that time in my life. The biggest one causing me so much shame and pain was the eating disorder. My biggest secret and greatest struggle. Yoga, this practice, The Space- they all began to heal my life. They brought me back to life, gave me new breath, and brought my awareness back to my body and mind. Once your awareness gets turned on again it is a lot harder to ignore the skeletons in the closet. They will keep banging on the door until you have no choice but to answer. 

So where am I now? I am in the arena. I am with you. I am still struggling, but I am getting up every day and trying again. I am finding the resources to help me when I don’t know how to help myself. I am striving for freedom, from addiction, from body image issues, from the demons in the closet. I am doing “the work” that we all talk about in our classes. I am getting in front of a class of students and pouring my heart out in hopes that I can help even one person in the room. If I can give this gift back that I received to even just one person, then all the pain and struggle was worth it to me. I am with you. I am here. WE are here and we love you so much. 

"Hang on. It gets easier. Then it gets okay. Then it feels like freedom." -Kelli McMullen

Written by Margherita Vicari

Nurturing you :

Ways of taking good care as the seasons change, 
no specific goals, except the one to tune in to whats living within you. 

1. Get outside and journal. Holding space for reflection is one of the best ways to take good care of your heart and soul. The fresh air only helps. 

2. Seasonal eating. Seasonal eating is so good and grounding for the body. When we pay close attention to what the Earth gives us based on the seasons we are in, we can come into balance with the rhythm of the season. Seasonal fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients than their counterparts making them the better choice for your health. Other benefits of eating seasonally are supporting your local farmers who choose to farm sustainably, it preserves the environment, and so much more. 

Seasonal foods for fall : apples, carrots, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin.

3. Move your body. In the midst of your back-to-school busy routines, make time to move your body. Stick with what works best for you and make time for it. Set yourself up in this season for the next. 

4. Meditation. This one often intimidates people. You don't have to be an expert to begin! Meditation is simply awareness, and the more you do it the better you get at it. 1 minute or 30, it simply takes intention. Find somewhere you can land in the body, trace your breath, empty your mind. Sometimes listening to the breath is enough, or simply find a mantra that works for you. Maybe start with "I am a season of becoming". 

Join us, 

September 15th 

for a day of free classes in honor of our 2nd birthday. 

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more details on our mindbody

Release + Restore

Our kind of osho meditation in combination with restorative yin
with Kelli McMullen + Liv Monte
September 14th, 5-7p

Our Birthday
September 15th

Celebrate us with a day of free classes,
hold space on mindbody

the Process

A master class to deepen your practice
with Hayley Pierzynski
September 21st, 2-4p

the Youth | Gratitude Series

All 5 Saturdays in November, 
a special gratitude focused Youth series 
with Sarah Hively

Holiday Community Connect

Local artists and small business shopping gathering
December 14th, 5-7p

this winter:

the Training

FEB 2 - MAY 3, 2020

"Teacher training at The Space was the full studio experience embodied. We grew in strength together, we experienced emotional release, we were a fusion of souls, we had contrasting ideas that we learned from, we surrendered to the process to become vulnerable and open, and we helped each other stay calm in the midst of stressful and difficult days. We learned to hold space for each other and for ourselves. We discovered that we were already teachers, we just needed to come back to ourselves. We laughed, cried, yelled, danced, and most importantly we sweat. We peeled back layers to become more authentic versions of ourselves, resulting in a group of confident, vulnerable, honest, and beautiful yoga instructors, friends, and sisters.”

all the details 

We're headed to :

Xinalani, Mexico

January 20-25, 2020


more details here

What you can do from here :

reclaim your power

stand in your glory

remember who the fuck you are

and don't let anyone take that away from you

at the space, we hope to help you

on this journey home

back to yourself

not your fitness goals, 

but the places within you that need

seen, heard, felt, and healed

nurturing you because you can,

not as punishment, or to redeem 

anything you've done up to this point.

simply a journey back home.

that person you were before the

world told you who to be.

no bullshit, just pure, 

unconditional love and care

for you.

"Perhaps the reason you are drawn to flowers is not

 only the their outter beauty, but because they remind you 

beautiful things will bloom after the 

longest season of waiting."

- Morgan Harper Nichols

Olivia Stryker Monte