SHED | verb
+to discard something undesirable or outdated

When we release, we let go, we become lighter, we shed the things
that do not serve us anymore. The things that are outdated, the things that we must retire, we become new.
What can you let go of today? What is old and still taking ownership within you?

_Nayyirah Waheed


As we step into this space between, we are so reminded that things eb + flow, and all that we can do is step into our power, choosing to show up, choosing to feel, choosing to submerge and be brave. Acting out of a place of blind courage, not knowing what tomorrow brings, but having a mind set to reflect on yesterday and be a little more refined today. It’s a powerful and heavy place, but there is so much freedom to be felt and explored. We have been stepping out of the things that we know and love and stepping into dreams and visions. In this space we choose to be brave, conditioning ourselves through loving others and taking really good care.
This is the Space we are in.
This is the process of creating.
Creating the Space.
Can you feel it?
Are you ready to step out to step in?


Registration opens soon for :
The Shift

Our seasonal detoxification program-- Please join us as we rejuvenate and realign our bodies as the season changes, from the inside out. The Shift is a 10 day cleanse where you eat intuitively based on the seasonal offerings. All the while introducing some really good ways of taking good care through rituals.

Please email livmonte@discoverthespace.com for more info.


The Spaces retail selections are  exclusively picked for the best methods of creating the space within your life. Indulging in the right ways.

This month's pick:

These candles are hand poured in Chicago using only 100% natural soy wax. Each candle is concocted with the most yummy smells that will fill any space you put them in. We are so honored to carry such an ethically made brand as we support small business owners around the world. Stop in to smell some of their amazing blends.


Stay tuned for info on:
The Restoration
Our first ever retreat. There's no telling where it’ll be, but we are shooting for a 5 day excursion somewhere February 2018. Keep your ears peeled for more details coming soon.


The Team: getting familiar

_EBP5299.jpgWhat sounds are you craving in this season?
Right now I am LOVING on some old school hip-hop, old school meaning 90’s-early 2000’s. I love me some Notorious BIG, Ying Yang Twins, T-Pain. These sounds make me feel free and submerged in summer feels.

What’s your favorite movement right now?
In my life I want to move and feel fast. Jumping jacks have been my go to mid-day flush. I love Fireball by Pitbull, let the music play, beginning to move your body, maybe just begin with a bounce, side to side. Then allowing the movement to grow. Moving faster when the beat drops and then coming to a low squat in the middle when the music lulls for a moment. Then pick it up again and have fun. Smile a little bit, take up room on your mat. Maybe add some punches or some fun dance moves. It’s yours, let it feel good. Whatever you do, keep the movement for the full song.

What’s your favorite wellness ritual you’ve been doing lately?
I recently purchased a Jade Roller after having heard several good things about them and I’m  o b s e s s e d. I keep it in the freezer and I’ll use it in the AM before makeup and in the PM after I wash my face, but let’s get real, you can use the thing any time you want. The Jade stone helps increase circulation, drains congested lymph nodes, and so much more. You can get glowing naturally.


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